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Beginner Plateau

I have been working out since May 2006. I am 5’7", 140 lbs and am looking to get to 160lbs. I have cleaned up my diet and my workout routine is pretty good as well (compound movements, etc).

Well, I think Ive reached a plateau because I havent noticed any gains for the past 2 months now. I mean I notice little things here and there but not much.

I dont have genetics on my side considering Im the “biggest” person on my family. My diet is not absolultely perfect, as I am a grad student so some days its hard to eat the right things. But 90% of the time, I am good.

Im not looking to get ultra huge, anything like that, but Im tired of being 140, 145, etc. Even though I have been working out for almost a year, I still feel like the “little guy” at the gym and everywhere else. Unless Im in swimming trunks, its hard to tell that Im a regular at the gym.

I look in “shape” but not intimidating or anything close to that.

Anyway, Ive been contemplating steroid use and have done some research. The “research” is confusing because a lot of the arguments and points seem circular. Everyone seems to be for it or against it (as with anything).

For example, people on here use them, but the friendly folks over at the “Men’s Health” forums reccommend Multi-Vitamins instead.

There are so many different “types” of steroid that I dont know which would be good for someone in my shoes. Clen, Tren, Winn, D-Anabol, etc etc?

IF you think Im “ready” for steroids, which one should I use? Also, Im a big poon when it comes to needles, so something oral is preferred.

By the way I know there is no substitute for hard work and hard lifting. Im not looking for a quick fix or instant gratification, I guess Im trying to “beat” genetics if you will. I did read the sticky post at the top as well.

Anyway thanks for the help.

Try switching up your program and fiddling with your nutrition. Give it some time. Take another year and research heavily in to different aspectes of training and diet. Spend some more time researching steroids as well. See what happens over the next while with your goals. You can gain alot of solid info and experience over a couple of months. Who knows you may see yourself ready sooner than you think if you work at it. The better you understand different aspects of training, the more these drugs will amplify it.

A person who starts using anabolic steroids after only one year of training ordinarily never learns how to train or eat properly.

Learning requires legitimate, valid feedback: errors being punished with bad results, and only correct decisions being rewarded with good results.

It’s impossible to learn what ought to be known in only one year.

The typical (if not almost invariable) result of using at this point is becoming dependent on steroids, finding it impossible for anything to be worthwhile without them, being the only solution known.

It’s inconceivable that you don’t have a lot of further results, without anabolic steroids, available to you at this point with only one year’s training, and inconceivable that the reason for your recent lack of results is lack of anabolic steroids, but rather needing to gain knowledge / change ways with regard to training and/or nutrition, probably both.

You say its hard to tell you workout unless your in your swimming trunks. This leads me to beleive that your probably quite lean. I hate being a parrot but I’d have to say you probably need to sacrafice some leanness and eat some food. Im not just parroting.

I know it works from personal experience, also if your wanting to appear larger in a shirt fat helps too. It is signifcantly less dense than muscle and thus should help you change your “little guy” appearance.

Just dont go overboard like some people, unless your pretty experienced you need to count the calories to ensure your not going overboard.

I started lifting at 17 years old weighing 130 pounds at 6’1. I know how you feel.

Anabolics are not the answer. Time, hard work and food are the answer. You need to feed your growth, work hard and keep working at it.

It was 8 years of natural lifting and 80 pounds of lean muscle gained before I turned to anabolics. Keep working at it.

Absolutely agree. I was lifting for like 15 years before I turned to gear. I’m not saying anyone needs to wait that long. But more than one year of lifting is a cardinal rule

At 16yrs I was 6’4" and 210lbs…

great genetics you say?

I couldn’t even do a chinup, I remember the gym class where they tested how long we could hang from a bar in a static position and I couldn’t even hold the position long enough for them to start the watch…it was really embarrasing and a huge wakeup call. Everyone thought I was big and strong but I was just big and fat.

I started lifting weights, running, and eating better. I dropped down to 170lbs…from there I spent 11 years to get up to 225lbs…then I hit the gear.

Read. Learn. Eat. Lift. Grow. Then think about gear when you have all the other tools in place.

clen is not steroid. It is a broncho dilator with the side effect of burning fat. At your weight you do not need to burn fat.

My recommendation to you is clean your diet up, eat every 2-3 hours you are awake without exception. Train hard on top of this and you will grow. You may sacrifice some visible abs, but that is OK as long as you keep it in check and are putting on muscle.

Steroids are only a piece of the puzzle and often do very little for someone that does not know how to diet and train.

Good luck and keep at it without the juice. Multi vitamins is not a miracle pill, and nothing is a miracle pill. It is a puzzle with each piece comprising a percentage of the grand picture.

WOW thanks for all the constructive feedback. This is just what I needed to get my motivation back.

Im going to tweak my diet and switch up my routine big time after some research. Thanks for the advice gentlemen.

finally a fuckin newby that gets it.

best of luck with your training.

if you are really interested in gear start reading up on gear now. i researched for 5 years in my spare time before i took a needle in the ass.

make an informed decision don’t just look to have someone tell you what to do.

[quote]Darshan96 wrote:
WOW thanks for all the constructive feedback. This is just what I needed to get my motivation back.

Im going to tweak my diet and switch up my routine big time after some research. Thanks for the advice gentlemen.


Definitely work on the diet, it is arguably the most important thing in the whole mix, even with the gear. In fact I find it harder while on as you need to feed even more to make it really work well. It sounds simple but putting it into practice takes some experience, it took me well over a year of hard work to consistently get down enough clean food over the course the day to make it count.

6 to 8 meals evenly throughout the day, 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight and the right carbs at the right time of day, and I consider that the protocol while OFF.

Just out of curiosity, what are the total gains you’ve gotten over the year or so you’ve been lifting? And would you mind sharing your diet? Quite possibly you could put on that solid 20lbs you’re looking for naturally and quickly just by getting more aggressive with your intake.

Ah! My head just exploded. No…you’re not ready for steroids.

Looks like you’ve taken the advice you’ve gotten to heart though. Good luck!

We are here to help, and learn.

If you need some help with diet or training, just ask.

In my personal experience, when I mess my diet up, my gains slow to almost non-existent. It is at those times I find it the hardest to continue going to the gym…after all, why go if your not making any progress?

My opinion is there are several pieces to the puzzle of bodybuilding:

  1. training
  2. diet
  3. rest

Mess anyone of those up to a certain degree and gains slow to dogshit, if at all.

Example: eat 3 times a day of Mcdonald’s and find your gains leave, eat 6 times a day from a bag of cheetos and watch your gains leave, weight train with ping pong balls and watch your gains leave. See what I mean?

I am glad to see a gear question post come out positive. Let us know if you need an example of a good diet, because from what I gather that is where your problem currently lies.

Mens health & multi vitamin is laughable. One problem with a multi vitamin is not all the vitamins & minerals are abosrbed. I cannot recall exactly why, but to the best of my recollection it has something to do with them all being together and linking or something of that nature. Vitamin packs are a better alternative, but you still are not going to compensate for a poor diet, and if you have a good diet I personally have found zero to gain from vitamins.

[quote]… I personally have found zero to gain from vitamins.


Except for Vitamin T.

And vitamin s