Beginner - Pain and Swelling

Hey everyone,

So this is my first cycle. I am running test-cyp and I have a 10ml bottle. I did my first shot a week ago in my right quad and my buddy who is experienced did it for me. He did 1cc, prepped me good etc. I did have pain within about two hours and for the next two days but it wasn’t bad.

However today I did my second shot myself. I trimmed up before hand. I made a rookie mistake and sterilized my bottle top with hydrogen peroxide as well as my injection site on my left quad. It took me a few tries to load the needle good and I kept emptying it into the bottle and re loading it. Anyway I finally got a good needle and injected 2cc. Within an hour my quad hurt pretty damn bad, way worse than the 1cc I did in my other quad a week earlier.

Now the pain is mostly localized above my kneecap and less bad throughout my quad and on the spots where the pain is the worst it is warm to the touch like around my knee. Above my knee is swollen in comparison to my other knee. I know I did not use safe practice but does this seem like infection or just beginners pain and I didn’t get deep enough into my quad? I injected in the upper part of my quad.

I have experienced some pretty bad swelling and pain, give it a few days before you consider seeing a doctor. It could very well be virgin muscle issue…

You cant really decide on if it is an infection this early, sometimes the body reacts like this especially for virgin muscles.

pin side of quads in the thick meat, ass cheaks, & rear delts… These are least painful sites… Sometimes veins get scraped