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Beginner - Overhead Press


Is there another option for overhead press that works just as well or can i press from my knees and still get the same results? I am 6'3" pressing in a room with 8' ceilings. Doesn't work without punching holes in the ceiling.


Seated OHP. I’m guessing you have a home gym?


Go outside, use lots of 10s instead of 45s, z-press is an option…


I have the same issue, although I’m 5’10" and the ceiling is not much more than 7’. I use 25’s and lower, sometimes the 25 plates still touch the ceiling but they are not about to bang a hole in it. If I was and inch or two taller I would have to sit down. Just remember that overhead press isn’t a competition lift in powerlifting, it’s still a good exercise but it isn’t that important.


Try a Zydrunas press, basically you sit with your legs in front of you in a squat rack with the bar on the safeties around shoulder level