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Beginner Oral Cutting Cycle


I am currently on a Recomp using only Ostarine and TRYING to eat clean. So far my strength increase has been significant and all my lifting numbers have gone up. As was expected, I have put on a little bit of weight, not much, but my waist has gone up by 0.5 an inch in 5 months.

I am going to cut in November, and I was thinking of this. I know I might get flared for not putting a test base, but I am open to it-I do not mind using an injectable. My main reason for doing such a mild cycle is that I want to do this just one. I know some of you might say, once a user, always a user, but I just want to do it for personal reasons and get as shredded as possible.

My weight might reach 84 Kg by November, and my height is 5 feet 8 inches, and my waist is 34 inches. When I do my cut, I am going to cut down to 12-15% bodyfat naturally(with a fat burner of course), and then bring in the following cycle.


I am going to use N2guard or Cycle Assist, and also use Taurine to prevent cramps. My reason for chosing VAR are straight forward, least amount of sides, and does not aromatize. I do not want to use Winny, due to Joint issues.

Clen-I have researched about Albutrol, and also an ECA stack, but I want to try Clen, and I am being cautious with the first 2 weeks dosage for the reason that I read that sides can be bad with Clen.

This is what I had planned for PCT

XTANE-Not sure if I should use this in PCT since VAR has no estro conversion
HcGenerate-I am researching whether to use this during PCT

I would really like some feedback on this cycle


what’s with all these ostarine posts recently?

Also that pct is ridiculous. use nolva for 4 weeks. 20mg to start, and taper dose down for the last week or so. No clomid. more does not equal better. it’s worse for recovery. dont use xtane. dont use HcGenerate. And DEFINITELY 100% don’t use ostarine in PCT!!! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!!! Ostarine is suppressive. It will do the opposite of what you want it to do.


Got it thanks.

Getting the Xtane, Clomid and Osta out. Thanks buddy