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Beginner, Old Broken Collar Injury, Advice?


Hi there folks,

I want to workout using weights to burn excess body fat and trim up, then aim to build some mass and definition.

My problem is, I had a bad motorcycle accident 5-6years ago in which I badly broke my right clavicle in 3 places all full breaks, the bone has fused off set and my ball and socket joint on my sternum end no longer has a 'socket' end. I have always been able to hear bone rubbing / crunching whenever I rotate my arm which I have been told will always be there now.

I did some physio at the time of recovery but that was it.

Today we started off doing form so no weights to start with, on the bench I struggled to even keep the reps going with only the Olympic bar, when I tired the 'standard' 60kg I couldn't even manage 4 reps before my right side felt completely 'gone' I cant explain the feeling other than I felt I had nothing there at all.
We moved to try the dumbbells and some laying flys again I was fine for the first couple of reps using 13.5kg weights but once I got to about 7 reps the same feeling hit and I just couldn't lift it back up.

I got on the squat rack and did that without the feeling coming and managed to do squats ok, I just need to work on form some more for it to be of any use, I also didn't have any troubles using machines to do Lat pulldowns or on the seated chest row.

and so finally my question,
What can you folks recommend that I do in terms of exercises, and overcoming this collar bone problem?

my stats are:
Age: 30
Height: 5"9
Weight: 195lbs
Body Shape: Mesomorph

Thanks for taking the time to read.




This is a no-nonsense forum, which means unless someone has experience with the exact injury you are referring to, you will have a hard time receiving productive replies, because people feel hesitant on commenting or giving advice in regards to situations that they have no experience with.

Having that said,

it truly sounds like you just need to get in there more often, and stay in there consistently and these “problems” of yours will go away.

Consider the amount of days you HAVENT done the exercises you are mentioning, now compare it to the amount of days you have done them. Which is greater? Until the latter becomes the larger number, I would expect you to experience the type of weakness you are referencing.

No special exercise will overcome that, only consistency will. Good luck!


Not exactly the same, but similar. The difference is I couldn’t bench a broom stick due to pain. Shoulder was so sensitive, I couldn’t squat (bar pressure).

First, lots of ART for me (Soft Tissue Work), or work with Physiotherapist to see what you can do to get mobility again.

Second: Iso-Metric and band work. I did 6 months of this before I could bench a regular bar for reps (1 set)

Very important NO PAIN. When pain happens, stop. You are done. Look at what you are doing and see how you can improve/change next time.

Omega’s. This is personal. I love this stuff. I’ve tried Curcumin twice to no affects. But again, it’s personal.

Biggest thing, work with a professional. After two years, I can now do ring presses and smith/scrape presses with 25’s. NO PAIN.

There are no short cuts for recuperation.

Good luck


Thanks for the quick replies guys.

I’ve been reading all day to see if I can find anything like I’ve experienced but I think I’m going to just keep going and getting in there as often as possible, also signed up with a personal trainer to see what they can recommend going forwards.