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Beginner O Lifts

16 yr old, 140 ish lbs
3/2 plate squat/dead, 155x1 easy power clean. Can’t really catch a snatch, 95x1 almost upright snatch
I’m currently rehabbing my left arm- ruptured my tricep tendon, and would like to push my clean and snatch numbers once healed. How should I approach this?

I just did 5 triples of cleans, and 6 doubles of snatches, adding 5-10 pounds or so once I felt comfortable. Worked up to (I think) a 250-ish hang clean that way and my snatch almost made it to 1 plate (I started this wayyy after my clean).

Sorry, nothing amazing.


I wasn’t looking for anything complicated lol - Just something that works

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Wendler has also said 5/3/1 works for oly lifts. Most think 5 reps on them is blasphemy but if you can keep decent form than no problem. Haven’t personally tried it, but I bet you could get up to at least a 2-3 plate clean, if not higher, using 5/3/1. Works for every other lift.

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I mean I did cut my teeth with crossfit esque programming; amrap cleans here I come

Maybe check out Dan John’s stuff. He seems to know his stuff when it comes to O lifting. Or any coach dedicated to actual O lifting.

Fair point. From a quick look it looks like he likes doubles/triples too