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Beginner Nutrition


So, after about a month of attempting to drink a gallon of milk a day on top of the other things I eat, I think I need to search for an alternative.

The fact that drinking that whole gallon every day just isn't happening, it gets kind of sickening for me (all 111 pounds of me) to be drinking all that milk (sometimes just milk for a given meal, since it's a bit much).

At 111 pounds (my weight could be higher now), I need to be getting ~2000+ calories a day. Any suggestions?


Umm eat more solids.

Eat more fat
Olive oil, cheese, nuts.

Eat more good carbs
Yams, Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, Oatmeal.

Keep drinking milk just dont drink as much. Milk goes through your system fast.


Why in the f*ck are you drinking a gallon of milk a day?!?! This seems ridiculous to me! On top of that being a crazy amount of milk, milk is bad for you! Do not believe the commercials!

Milk is for a calf...Milk comes from cows & is for baby cows (a calf) not humans...humans are the only animal that not only continues to drink milk after the first year or so of its existence but drinks an entirely different species milk! Our bodies are not made to handle our mother's milk past a certain point, much less another species' milk and much less a gallon a day!

Not sure why you're doing that to yourself...you are basically poisoning yourself! Stick with a soy derived milk and substitute that gallon for a gallon of water a day...


Peanut butter.
Using the search bar to find 'Nutrition for Newbies'.

Ain't trying to be smart, but it's just that it's 1.45am here and I'm going to bed. Apologies for my short reply. :o)


Oh boy another soy milk discussion let me end it here.
can you milk a bean?

Keep drinking regular milk its not poison you dont see people dieing of milk poisoning just dont drink as much eat more solids meat and such pretty much just stuff your face your 111 pounds (not sure of your height) but you just need to eat.


wow. Please show me where you read this bull.

To the OP, Dont listen this garbage, milk is not bad for you at all. Its wise to drink it while bulking. Take note to eat more solids though.


when I read Obiewon's post, I lol'ed. X)

I guess I could just stock up on some things from the grocery store/focus on getting a blender now. Being a poor university kid is kinda hard.

I'm 5'4"-5" somewhere between there. =\

Thanks for the replies.


A poor college student should eat lots of whole eggs if he's having trouble getting cals in. They're fairly calorie-dense and also fairly cheap.


I'm loving the fact that you nearly made me shoot milk out my nose when I read this post. Aside from that howeverm this is utter nonsense...

To OP, certainly don't stop drinking milk(unless your lactose intolerant, and even then there are ways around that). I myself started drinking a gallon of milk a day just a few weks ago, and for the first day or two I found it to be a bit overkill, I very quickly got used to it and now I never want anything else.

(Plus, putting on 6 kilo's in three weeks is a good incentive to keep drinking the stuff :wink: )

What I'd recommend is just trying to space it out very evenly throughout the day. I usually have a litre when I wake up(half of that in a whey shake if it's a PWO day), and have another litre at a break, another at lunch, a litre at dinner and a litre before bed(it has a good casein content so it's pretty damned good to have before bed).

But find what works for you. You might find it easier to have more smaller portions but it doesn't really matter tbh

If you still have a lot of difficulty with it, just lower the volume a bit(to maybe 2 and half litres)and work your way back up form there. Example-
Monday- 2.5 litres
Tuesday-3 litres
Wednesday-3.5 litres

Best of luck man


Yeah, calcium, vitamin D, and having good bone density is very bad for you right? Wrong. This post is in fact one of the dumbest things I have ever read on this site.




"Occupation: Domestic Sales
Weight: 170
Height: 5'10"
Body fat %: 8
Years Training: 8 "

clearly he knows what he is talking about since he has the size to back it up...I would much rather listen to someone who is 225+ of solid mass and find out how they got there!

edit: and of course some evidence would be nice to back up a claim like someone already said

oh and theres plenty of milk posts on this forum...




i found this quote in that /\ article...very interesting...learn something new everyday!

"Chronic alcohol intake is one of the most powerful mediators of sex hormone levels. Ethanol is a testicular toxin. Chronic male alcoholics develop an assortment of endocrine disorders, including infertility, testicular shrinkage, and feminization, caused in part by elevated production of estrogens and inhibition of Testosterone biosynthesis in the testis. Also, alcohol increases the activity of aromatase, an enzyme that converts Testosterone to estrogen in the body."


3 problems with milk as far as I know.

Firstly its got a lot of saturated fat. If you go towards skimmed milk you can reduce this, but then you also reduce the amount of protein your consuming. If you're drinking a gallon of whole milk per day, you're consuming about 75g of saturated fat per day just from milk. The RDA is 20grams per day. Just something to think about.

Secondly, its full of added hormones and chemicals. No proven ill effects there, but the pasteurization process definitely isn't a healthy one.

Third, its a GI irritant. If you're body is producing enough lactase, you're generally fine, but sooner or later, with that much consumption you'll start to get stomach pain.

I'm not saying stop drinking milk - but maybe cut back a bit. Tons of easy ways to get less fattening calories - olive oil is one.

Whatever you do, don't load up on soy products. Soy is full of phytoestrogens. Which basically do the same thing in your body that estrogen does. Enough said.


Saturated fat isn't bad for you. you use it to creat cholesterol, which then creates other nice hormones like testosterone. you need a certain level of fat in your diet to maintain proper endocrine function. this includes your saturaded, polys, and monos.

there is also no reduction in the protein between skim and whole fat milk (I get 3.14% here, the "red" carton, aka "homo" milk). All the milk still says 8 grams / 250ml. Skim has 0g fat, and 13 gram carb. the whole milk has 8g fat and 12g carb (oddly enough).

4L (what I call a gallon) will look like this
128g fat
192g carb
128g protein

(that is 16 cups of milk at 250ml/cup)

pasteurization is a process in which you heat the milk to 99.99% of it's boiling point. this kills off a lot of the bacteria. the homogenization process is a mechanical break up of the fat globules by forcing the milk through smaller holes. this means your milk stays fresh longer, and you don't have to shake it when you want some. it's not adding chemicals as part of the process in of itself (while some milk companies may add something to the milk either before extraction from the cow, or as part of a preservative process later, but that is not what pasteurization is).

untrue. there are many reports of people who drink a gallon for long term who have no issues with it (outside of allergies, like lactose intolerance). more milk and prolonged consumption =/= the development of an intolerance for lactose either.

Milk will cause you to have stomach bloat and what not, and obviously, a gallon will cause more bloat and gas than 2 cups a day. But it's not bad for you. And not every one gets bloated.

You just said there are easier ways to get less fattening calories and then suggested drinking pure fat? wut?

not that I disagree with drinking shots of OVOO, but srsly, wut? lol


good article. soy isn't evil. but I wouldn't consume massive amounts of it. milk products tend to have more estrogen in them anyways (considering the cow is lactating out hormones, which include estrogens).

look at the chart. it's a sick amount of soy to get in the 1,720mg of PEs. Have fun eating your body weight in a single type of food.

you can eat soy, just keep it in check. even the Asians who cultivated the damn thing only use it as a side dish. That should be a hint.


Shut up troll


Haha. After I read that, I just disregarded everything else he said.


I'm pretty much a beginner too but AFAIK, that advice of a gallon a day is to help people get more calories after they already are eating a ton. So really before worrying about how much milk start to vastly increase your regular food. At 111 you can probably eat your way to the calories you need.

really just eat eat eat!

Plenty of fatty fish
lean red meat, grass fed if possible
chicken and lean meats (i.e. don't just eat tons of chicken breast eat it all, the fats the above meat are good for you)
Fish oil, flax, walnuts for omega3s
olive oil or almonds or avocados for monounsaturated fats
berries, apples, high fiber fruits, tropical fruits, fruits in general :slight_smile:
tons of vegetables. steam em, put the olive oil and lemon and salt on em, whatever it takes. I am not so much into vegetables but I eat a salad each meal of spinach, kale, mustard greens whatever else I have grabbed at the store, just minimize the iceberg lettuce. I need to expand my range of vegetables
carbs: sweet potatoes, well that's all I know about carbs

There are lots of threads on good food to eat here which you can probably find.

If there are foods you don't like learn to cook and you'll find ways to eat them. I used to hate most fish now I love it. I'm trying to teach my GF to eat fish but she is one of those types that refuses to try new things.


A gallon o fmilk a day is really really excessive.
The best thing to do is to eat clean, and eat enough to support your goals. Personally I never count calories, but I just make sure and eat a whole lot of really nutritious food. Muscle growth requires extra protiens, calories and fats, but still make sure to get those from clean natural sources.

There is a treasure trove of nutrition articles here too... read read read.. They have everything you'll ever need to know about it someplace in the articles.


As per my first point, I meant saturated fat. Olive oil shots have nowhere near the amount a gallon of milk does.

Also, I realize saturated fat in itself isn't bad for you - but isn't over consumption of it linked to CVD?


Whole milk containst CLA, a trans fat that actually helps the heart. Plus, if you are having a diet low in fat, then it's not such a big deal. And exercise lowers your LDL levels and risk of CVD, in spite of drinking a gallon of milk.

Realistically, at 111lbs, I wouldn't drink a gallon yet. A gallon of whole milk is about 2560 calories! For some one so small who is trying to put on weight, that is a lot of calories from one single source!

Not to mention, Where are the P+F and P+C meals? You are taking in a lot of C+F in the same meal if you drink a lot of whole milk at once. And the fat in the milk will slow down your ability to absorb nutrients from the milk.

AND, if that is like 75% of your calories for the day, you are probably short in things like Iron, etc.

With a concern for splitting my fat from carbs in my meals, I drink skim milk, and shoot OVOO for my fat meals.

the skim milk + whey can give me a good pre and post work out. I can also include it with skinless chicken breast meals, or with my veggies. A gallon of skim is about 1400 calories, But that's ok, cause I take in the fat in other meals.

On top of that I'm saving about 120 bucks a month since switching to instant skim milk powder. Macro break down is the same as reg milk. But where I live I can only get carton 2L or extremely over priced Organic bags. The cartons run like 4 bucks (tax in). So I spend about 225$ a month on cartons (and make a ton of garbage.

OR, I buy large bags of powder, don't worry about the friddge needs for that much milk. a large bag lasts about 6 days, so I go through 5 a month. At 20 bucks, I spend about 100 a month on the powdered skim.

which means I can then buy more OVOO, some dextrose and some whey protein. I can also buy more frozen veggies and mixed fruits.

to get my fat, I just get fattier meats like steak, or I eat more eggs (I'm on a scrambled egg kick, makes it very fast to eat, and easy). Since these are for my P+F meals, I don't need to care so much about draining fat. Pretty sweet imo.