Beginner Noob With ?'s

Hey guys,

This is a great site, ive done a lot of reading, and there is so much info its hard to choose which program you want to do! Mainly, im posting to tell you all about myself, my goals, and what i plan to do and if its a little off for you guys to set me straight.I dont have a picture, no sense in a before without an after. I am 6’4 225 and 21yrs old. I have lifted before in the past but in uninformed, sporadic, and poor formed ways that never changed anything about my body composition. I dont have much lean mass on me, just a tall guy with a little chunk around the waist and not much muscle. Judging from other pictures posted i would guesstimate my bf% at 20 or a little less. So on to my goals,

I want to be big, and i want to be cut. At the moment my biggest question is the order in which I should start out. In my head, i would maybe want to lose some of the flab i have using the tdawg diet and a lifting program that i recently read about consisting of a 5x5 70% 1rm routine more geared to fat loss, but also read that that should be alternated with something like a 8x3 of 80-90% 1rm for strength and hypertophy. Long story short, being chunk at the moment, should i still eat a lot and bulk up and gain mass, then cut when the cut would be worth cutting, or should i try to lose some of fat first while maintaining the little mass i have or maybe gaining a bit (i have HOT-ROX) then once imhappy with the fat loss bulk up. I lean towards the fat loss first for vanity reasons, looking better nekkid and for the GF. But if you all say that bulk first then only cut when itll do you good is better, i will do that.

Im planning on doing the tdawg diet, i have a good low carb mrp, creatine, and HOT-ROX. As for my training program i was thinking about the meltdown routine. Depending on if you say fat los first then bulk is ok meltdown would be good for that right? but If i should bulk first i wonder which program i should use, and i would probly have to change away from tdawg diet to get need cals? I have a membership with a nice gym, has everything id need. I read that compound lifts are thebest way to go, i was in the beginning a noob that thought nah i dont want to work my legs, but i see that it is imperative that i do. Before when ive gone to gyms ive just used the machines, and now i want to use the big boy equipment do the compounds and stack it on. The racks, the big plate weights, all of that equipment is sort of intimidating not knowing how and what to dospecially with other seasoned vets around, and im not the type to go up to a huge guy and say, hey im a scrawny noob terd, how do you work this thingy? So think i should a gym employee to show me the ropes and good form on the big boy equip or should i man up jump in and ask or trial by fire?

Ive read a lot of the beginner threads and articles know the basic stuff so i think im ready to hit it hard. Im putty in your hands point me towards muscle heaven and ill run there head down. Im motivated so if you could answer some of these questions and any other advice would be great and i look forward to being a noob turned beefcake. Thanks!

Hi, welcome to the site. Your post said all the right stuff, you’ve got a great attitude.

For all newcomers, read Vroom’s Beginner threads - absolutely tons of stuff and probably 99% of everything you’re even considering questioning is already answered.

It’s here:

From my own personal experience, if you follow the T-Dawg diet having never dieted before, you’ll probably gain muscle, despite the fact that it’s more geared towards fat-loss. It’s a good place to start.

Good luck!