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Beginner Neurotype 3 Fat Loss Training?


ı have been doing 3 months traning.My neurotype 3 , bw 250 lbs , diet 2500 kcal high carb , moderate protein 4 meals a day.Daily active mostly sitting desk , sedantary lifestyle.

my split

Day 1-3
Bench press 3x10
Chest supported t-bar row 3x10
Ohp 3x10
Latpulldown 3x10
Biceps curl 2x15
Lateral raise 2x15

Day 2-4
Front squat 3x10
Rdl 3x10
lunge 3x15
calf raise 3x15
leg raise 3xmax

beetwen set 1-2 minute rest

My issue dont feel chest how to feel it.My sleep not regular , go to bed some times 01:00 a.m some times 04:00 a.m how to fix it.This split good for neurotype 3 ? i include cardio ? and how to use warmup ? Sory for my English.

Thanks for feedback.