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Beginner Needs Help!

i just started working out. i am trying to gain mass, like upperbody and chest. i wieght 200lbs. and i’m 5’11". sounds like a personal. just looking for the right direction to go for my goal. i am willing to try steroids, but only if i know about them, which i don’t. i heard that Carbolin 19 is the best to take for what i want. also HOT-ROX. ??? no idea. i don’t want to mix supplements without a second opinion. anyone out there that can help please do, i appreciate it.

Start here, this is a thread for beginners to the site and weight training lifestyle in general.

As far as supplments, the only thing you need to worry about at this point is maybe a protein powder and some fish oil. This is after you get your diet dialed in. Steroids are a whole different animal. You are not ready for steroids if you just started training so don’t even worry about that yet.

Make sure you workout your legs with squats and deadlift variations, or else you wont get the size you want in your upper body. People will say lift heavy eat right and repeat, and thats really all there is to it.