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Beginner Needs Help Dropping 60 Pounds


I got out of the Army a couple of years ago. Since then, I have put on about 100 lbs due to being behind a desk and lack of activity or a good diet. I am 6'1 and weigh 280lbs. I want to be about 220 lbs. My question is this....Should I concentrate on just cardio until I drop 20 lbs or so, or should I do cardio AND lift at the same time? Which will help me get into shape faster?


doing both will.


No reason not to do both.

The more lean mass you build, the more your metabolism will crank up. Add some moderate cardio and a proper diet and you'll do fine....


If your aerobic capacity is such that you can't make it through a modest weight routine without totally bonking, you may need to get the cardio up first.

Otherwise, both.


Please do both. Don't be one of those idiots I see at the gym day in and day out on the treadmill only hitting one angle and wondering why they're losing weight but still looking chubby. To maximize your progress, your approach needs to be all inclusive.

Oxidative training, anaerobic training and a watchful eye on your nutrition. Getting a good grip on proper nutrition will go a long way. Most people know how to run, use a bike, an elliptical and benchpress. Not as many understand nutrition and are able to apply it on a day to day basis.

My advice is to prioritize getting a good understanding of nutrition and applying it. Get yourself on a solid lifting routine, typically 5x5 is a good one to start with and throw in some steady state cardio after each lifting session. Also, keep in mind this may take you years, not months or weeks.


Except that resistance training utilizes the phosphagen and fast glycolysis energy systems which are on the opposite end of the spectrum in comparison to the aerobic systems.


where do you work? can you ride a bike there? any physical activity above what you currently do will help speed up the fat loss.


I work in Greenland as a contractor at the moment so riding to work is out........but I see your point in the "small steps" direction. Thanks for all of the advice....I will get started and put up pictures of my progress as time goes by. THANKS T Members!