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Beginner Needs Advice, Kind of Lost

Hey everyone,

around 3-4 months ago I got into lifting seriously and it has quickly become my passion. I simply enjoy lifting weights and can´t wait for the next workout. In February I started Starting Strength and the compound lifts in general. I made good progress but from my current point of view I have to admit that my technique absolutely sucked while doing SS. I stopped SS and started Reg Park´s 5x5 Beginner Program (2 warm up sets and 3 working sets) three weeks ago. I drastically lowered the weight in order to focus on technique (also had some guidance from an experienced dude in my gym). My technique is now alright so that im ready to add weight every workout again.

I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of information on how to train and what programs to use. That´s why it is kinda hard for me to stick to a routine for a long time because I always think that there is a better one out there (not a good habit at all).

If you guys could recommend me a solid beginner program which fits my goals I would be more than grateful.

Goals: Primary goal is bodybuilding. I´m also aware of the fact that getting your numbers in the compounds up is important. I don´t mind lifting heavy weights at all. I enjoy seeing my numbers increase from time to time. But my primary goal is bodybuilding.

Time for training: I´m going to be on a four month break from school soon. So I got lots of time for working out, resting and eating. Technically I could hit the gym 3-6 times a week. Recovery won´t be the problem at all.

Body stats: 189cm(6´2) tall at 80kg (176lbs) with a moderate bodyfat (typical skinny guy).

I´m looking forward to your suggestions and recommendations!

That’s not the plan with Park’s 5x5. Add weight when you can do 3x5 with a given load.

Stick with the 5x5 for 5 more weeks because nothing good will come from program-hopping twice in 3-4 months. After 8 total weeks on 5x5, go to this: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/tried-and-true-bodybuilding-program-template

How has your bodyweight and bodyfat changed in the last 3 months?

How has your strength on the basic lifts changed in that same timeframe - what were you lifting at the start and what are you lifting now?

Also, how old are you?

Last question, what’s your nutrition plan?

This would be my advice.

Pick a program that excites you and run it EXACTLY.
Run or play a sport 2x a week.
Eat 3-4 big healthy meals a day.
Don’t miss days and give it 100% effort!

Do those 4 things for the next 6-12 months and I promise you will be a bigger and stronger version of yourself.

There are a TON of programs. Pick any of the ones on this site. I would say do any program from Jim Wendler, Dan John, or Christian Thibaudeau. You will be set to succeed.

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I´m aware of the fact that you only add weight if you get the 3x5 reps. Currently I can get the weight up every workout because I started really low.

My plan was to stay on Reg Park´s 5x5 for around 2-3 months.

My bodyweight went up 3.5kg in the last 3 months. I really don´t know my excact bodyfat percentage. Abs were still visible 2 months ago. Now they only show in the morning with an empty stomach (I don´t mind them not being visible because I want to focus on building up mass). I also recently turned 19.

Weight progression on the compound lifts in 8-9 weeks:
Squat: Empty bar to 85kg 3x5
Bench: Empty bar to 60kg 3x5
Deadlift: 50kg to 100kg for 1x5
OHP: Empty bar to 40kg for 3x5
Chin-Ups: 5 reps to 11 reps now
Note: My technique in the Squat and Deadlift was not good at all. Especially my butt wink on the squat. Fixed my technique now so that I am ready to go for heavier weights. I´m currently building up again to my former Max weights.

I´m in the process of creating a nutrition plan right now. But for the last few months I mainly focussed on getting 1 gram of protein per pound bodyweight and eating mostly clean. It went pretty good that way because I was able to gain 1-1.2kg of bodyweight each month.

Is it really that good for a relative beginner to hop on a 4 day split? From what I´ve read it is recommended to use a full body or upper lower split.

Thanks for your advice.
Are there any workouts you can recommend for someone with lots of time?
I already looked up tons and tons of routines on various sites and every routine looks better than the last one I looked up.
I really just need a recommendation for a solid program so that I can review this thread to remind myself to stick to the program (also thought about creating a log in order to keep me on track). It´s just that I am really motivated to train and lift weights and I always think of improving my routine.

I´m going to stay on Reg Park´s program for 1-2 more months now to build a solid foundation and then move on to something else.

You can push the calories more. If you’re still seeing ab definition in the morning, I wouldn’t consider that “moderate bodyfat”. Sounds like you’re lean. You’re young, lean, tall, and skinny - that’s a perfect position to put on size with consistent training and smart eating. There’s no reason you can’t hit 185+ by the time you’re done with Park’s program.

Yes, it’s good. Every method can work. At that point, you’ll have been on very basic full body routines for 6-ish months with limited exercise selection, so it’s a fine time to start hitting bodyparts with direct work and introducing more lifts.

If you’d prefer a full body or upper/lower split, go for it. There are plenty that also include direct work for each bodypart. This is one from Chad Waterbury. There are tons of other solid plans out there like Nutty was saying. Just pick a routine and follow it as it’s written.

Thank you for the great advice!

My Abs are slightly visible (not like full) but yeah I am probably still lean.

Before I started SS I also did a full body routine from my gym. Not the best one of course but it had the basic machine excersises as well as some free weight stuff so that also prepared me for more advanced movements.

You are also not the first one who recommended me a 4 day split. A really well built natural bodybuilder in my gym said I should go for it in the next couple weeks.
The Waterbury routine looks also really appealing to me.
A 4 day split of course looks good but I was always to afraid to even think about it with less than a few years of solid lifting experience. But I think with the time I have in the upcoming months it should be quite managable as well. But I think I will have to try it out to judge it.

So I was in your shoes once man. There is a TON of information out there. Everyone here knows its took me 3 years of fucking around before I finally realized you just need to work really hard. The thing is you are going to get stronger no matter what you do. By the time you are REALLY big and strong you have most likely tried a few programs by that point. VERY few people stick to the same program for a decade.

The PROGRAM is the least important thing. If you look through ALL the logs here, you’ll see all of us strong ones workout in different ways. You need to just show up at the gym, bust your ass, go home eat and recover, enjoy your life and repeat. That’s all there is to it. It’s simple in theory, but it’s hard to execute.

Honestly I use to suggest full body routines, but I think beginners would be better served doing an upper/lower split. You make the big exercises count VS just getting through the workout.

I would say pick any 4 day 5/3/1 program. It’s proven to work and it teaches you A LOT about how to train properly.

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