Beginner Mistake I Commit Anavar --> Test-E / Primo


I commit. I have made a mistake. I was tempted by the comfort of orals, to try Anavar Only as my first cycle.

What I did was 6 days of 30mg VAR only. Now I have stopped immediately because I know it is a shitty cycle.

I do understand now that you need to run real Test or Primo etc. if you gonna run AAS anyway. This is what gets you the results that you’re expecting from AAS instead of a VAR only cycle. I hope my lesson can also be helpful to others.

Now my real question is:

  1. How long do I have to wait until I start with a 1ml Test-E + 1ml Primo cycle after I have quit the 6 days of VAR only cycle?

If any additional information is required, please contact me. I will reply soon.

you can just start your test and whatever now. 6 days of 30mg var would have done very little.

I assume you have your AI and PCT all sorted?

Hi Yogi1,

Thank you for your fast reply.

Yes, as PCT I will do 14 days of Clomid 50mg.

As I am only 6 weeks on 250mg Test-E / 250mg Primo, I was recommended to do no further AI. Is this a correct advice?

Furthermore, this should have a very favorable Androgen/Estrogen Ratio. Another reason for not using AI. Is this correct?

I know that most of you believe that Primo only kicks in after week 8, but in my environment many people have great results with the short duration of this cycle (6 weeks).

Mind you, this is my first cycle (apart from the 6 days VAR only 30mg/day).

Not sure why you would only run test enth for 6 weeks.

I would also rethink your dosage and duration of the pct.

I am considering to do the cycle 8-10 weeks. Not sure what will give me the most benefits with the less risks. Longer on AAS, also brings more risks with it. But after 6-8 weeks, the gains won’t go as fast as the first 6-8 weeks.

So that is my reason to have such a short cycle.

Not doing hCG because it can supress LH, even after administering dosages.

your LH is already suppressed from the other shit you’re using.

hCG makes your nads think they’re producing LH, which keeps them humming along instead of switching off.