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Beginner Low Bar Squat Form Check


Hello I am brand new to this forum and was wondering if i could get someone experienced to check my squat form. I am a beginner lifter and new to squats so i am very weak.


Posting a video is a good start.



Thanks for the reply. I hope you udnerstand i am new to this forum and so wasnt sure whether to post it here or somewhere else. Now that i know ill upload it now when i work out how to do it.



Just for reference my details are:

height: 6foot2
weight: about 176lbs/80kg


Go to YouTube and change the settings to Public.


done, thank you


Thanks for letting me know!


video is up. thanks


It looks pretty good. Couple of minor things, first, use the edit function to cut the clip down to the unrack and rerack. It seems picky, but it gets annoying having to wait fifteen seconds for the unrack.

Two, google valsalva - getting tight. Do it before you unrack.

Three, develop a routine so you aren’t standing there with the weight on your shoulders psyching yourself up. Unrack, right foot back, left foot back, deep breath, squat.

Rest of the squat looked good.


Thanks so much for the reply, it means a lot.

I’m sorry about the video being long I was nervous for being filmed ha…Will be sure to cut it down in future

The routine you recommend sounds great, I will get to work on it straight away. Thank you very much!


Your feet are incredibly narrow for your height. It doesn’t look like a problem, at the moment. Just be careful as the weight increases if your knees track too far forward.

Also, at the end of each rep, you do a little thrust with your hips before the descent. Keep the tightness in your body and brace your abs hard.



Thanks for the feedback

Ive tried squatting with a wider stance but i just get a sharp pinching pain in my left hip and no amount of mobility work has seemed to help with it. This stance felt a bit awkward at first but feels fine now, I can squat pain free so Ill take it.

Ill make sure to stop the little thrust, that seems to be a bad habit I learned from someone from youtube.

I will make sure to keep the tightness in my body. I will do this by holding a breath of air in my stomach with each rep and tensing my abs hard? The whole ‘bracing’ thing has always been very hard for me to find out how to do.

Thanks for the reply again!