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Beginner Looking for Injection Advice

Hey guy brand new here but I have been looking at the forum a few days and I’m very impressed with how knowledgeable and helpful people seem to be.

Looking for some advice in regards to injecting.

I’m currently starting week 5 of my first ever cycle. Just running 500mgs of test e for 12 weeks. I still get super nervous and cautious when I pin.

I think I’m a little over paranoid when it comes to bubbles inside the vial and sometimes I have wasted half a vial trying to get all bubbles out. I can easily get large air bubbles out pretty easy but sometimes there is one or 2 stuck up in the coloured section of the pin that won’t move no matter how much I flick it or try get air out. Is this normal or is it absolutely imperceptible to get every bubble out.

Also I always pin my quads and I always aspirate. Sometimes when I pull the the pin out it’s like a pin prick with a speck of blood and sometimes it bleeds more. Last time the blood ran down my leg and left a bruise but wasn’t overly sore(no more than usual) is this normal?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry for the noob questions?

I can’t think of any time I’ve ever gotten every single bubble out. it’s annoying but it won’t hurt you. The whole “air in the blood stream” issue is really only an issue with some exorbitant amounts of air.

My go to spot is in my glutes. U should try it.

Plus, you are pinning into the muscle, not a vein.

That and you would have to put it into your vein.

I have done work in Medical Device engineering. One of my projects was to add an air filter to IV medication sets. It was all for perception. Many people will call the nurse if they see micro bubbles, and then hospitals would complain to us. It takes a much larger amount of air than people think to cause damage.

Thanks guys. Pinned today and it was much better.

Also is it normal for it to bleed more precisely than others or does that mean u may have hit a vein?

Again sorry the noob questions