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Beginner Looking for Feedback on Technique


Hello, I've been reading the site for quite some time, and I feel this would be one of the better sites to get feedback from on form for all lifts in general.

I've been teaching myself to clean the past few weeks, and I've worked up to doing bodyweight for 4 sets of 3. However, I want to make sure my form is somewhat ideal for that kind of weight before making it the working weight for my heavy days.

If I did it right, I've attached a video of a few cleans at 115 lbs, which is what feels like a light/medium weight. Obviously technique flaws will be more apparent with heavier weights, but I'd rather see what flaws others find at a medium weight before resuming heavier cleans.

Areas of concern are: resetting after a rep and proper shrugging/not bending early at the elbow. Not sure if I'm doing the latter or not correctly.

Thanks in advance, and apologies for the video angle. Next time I'll try to include a full frame so back position and heels are visible to critique extension of all 3 areas.

Side note and extra stuff I've noticed:
-Need to punch elbows up more
-Lack of wrist flexibility
-I only count reps where there is no weight on the wrists (i.e. catching with the wrist)and no movement towards the front or back (indicating lack of balance in the catch.

If further lifting history or other info is needed, please feel free to ask.


First of all, you are doing a hang power clean, not a clean (which is performed from the floor into a full front squat then standing).

Second, you need to get your shoulders over the bar more as you lower the bar to your knees. Then, I would have you pause at the knee to hold position and build some isometric strength.

Third, you’re knees are coming back under the bar way too early. You need to wait until the bar gets a little higher on your thigh. Don’t initiate the second pull immediately from the knees.

Lastly, when you catch the weight, your hips are coming back under you too much. You need to retreat your hips a little to put yourself into a more powerful position when racking the weight. If you’re doing front squats, it should mimic your descent from the front squat. If you’re not front squatting, then you should be.

Hope this all helps and makes sense.


I’m aware that I’m doing power cleans from the hang, so far as from what I’ve read it’s a good way of leading into the power clean.

I’ll definitely take this into account when I return to practicing this lift. However, I feel I need to better practice deadlifts and front squats not only to loosen my hamstrings but learn how to properly execute the mechanics of basic lifts.

That said, your feedback is highly valued and I thank you for your time!


This video helped me understand and improve my technique http://tnation.T-Nation.com/strength-training-topics/power-clean-from-hang