Beginner Looking For Cycle Advice

Hey everyone im looking for some advice regarding my cycle, i have just started running 500mg test and deca each week, ive done research but the only thing i am not entirely clear about is if i am supposed to be running something else at the same time to stop me from getting gynecomastia (bitch tits) or is that something i would take after the cycle and am doing pct? Also what would you reccomend taking?

How much research did you actually do? Because based on the cycle you’re doing and question you are asking, I would guess very little. You might want to re think what you are doing, and consider a little more research. Starting with AI, first cycles, and especially deca.

So here’s the aggravating part of your post, and more specifically many of the posts just like it. You claim to have done ‘research’ but then appear clueless as to how to properly protect yourself before, during, and after your cycle! What precisely did your research center on? There’s no way any of your research was done on this forum or you wouldn’t be running two compounds on your first cycle. You also would be well aware of the importance of tamoxifen and/or arimidex and you almost certainly would have one or both of those products on hand BEFORE you started.


I orginially wanted to go solely with just the test, but have continuosly come across posts regarding test and deca cycles ive done as much research as i can to be honest its one of the reasons im posting on here now but i like to ask questions for my own peace of mind, i keep finding very mixed views on alot of the stuff i am trying to find out could you perhaps tell me your thoughts then…?

Prevailing wisdom on these boards is to stick to a simple Test based cycle for your first run. 500mg/wk is a decent starting point; the frequency of injections is determined by the ester of the test you’re using. My personal preference is either cypionate or enanthate as it only requires 2x wk injections to achieve stable blood concentrations. Some folks like Propionate because it’s shorter half life ensures any potential side effects will diminish more rapidly if the user starts to get in trouble. Of course this shorter half life comes at the cost of more jabs per week.
The benefit of a single compound is simple; it allows you to know that any experience you have during the cycle is directly attributable to the Testosterone. Ask yourself this, if tomorrow you started having extreme joint pain (or insert any random abnormality), how would you know what caused it? Would you blame the deca or the test? Since you have no experience with either the odds are good that you’d come here and ask us to diagnose you. Now if you’d had a cycle or two of Test only under your belt you would know how your body responds and what to expect. Anything weird happening could immediately be attributed to the new compound and you could drop or adjust it as needed.

Now on to how to handle sides…

Thankyou very much this is exactly the sort of info i have been looking for, i have got test enanthate was planning on taking the 500mg a week injecting twice a sunday and a wednesday, i see your point about not being able to figure out which one is causing problems if i had taken 2, i appreciate the help

Ideally you would have bloods tests taken prior to jabbing yourself…you haven’t mentioned that but if you did have them done, kudos. Again the benefit is obvious in that those results will serve as your ‘baseline good’ blood profile (assuming you were healthy prior to starting your cycle). You’ll refer to them at the end of your cycle to determine the success or failure of your PCT.
There are two major schools of thought on how to handle the side effects of testosterone’s conversion to estrogen. The most popular is to use Tamoxifen (nolvadex) to block estrogen’s ability to bind to site where we as men would prefer not to have effected by estrogen. This is the camp that I reside it. In the most general of terms it’s considered unreasonable for your body to have super high levels of testosterone without correspondingly elevated levels of E. As long as we can prevent the E from binding to breast tissue we should be good. I suggest reading the following thread and anything else written by @physioLojik . He’s a MD and far smarter on endocrinology than I will ever be.
For All You AI Preachers
The second camp aims to reduce or prevent the aromatization of T to E by administering an AI, typically arimidex. The trouble with Adex is that it’s difficult to dose properly. Too little E is far worse that too much E trust me. Aromatization is a complicated process that differs from individual to individual. The more body fat you carry, the more E you’ll create so it becomes critical to monitor closely how you feel on cycle to determine if you’ve got enough, too much, or to little Adex in your body. Blood tests are of course the only way to know for sure. It’s the dialing in process that gives so many users fits that has convinced me to not use it.

No, you really haven’t. This is the equivalent of someone saying “I’ve done my research on how to cook a Thanksgiving meal, but my question is do I cook the turkey or serve it raw?”. If you’d have done even five minutes of research you’d know the answer to your unbelievably basic question. If you’re this lazy when it comes to dramatically altering the hormone system inside your body then how disciplined are you in the rest of your life?

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I am doing the best I can with what I can find, alot of the places/forums I have found aren’t that clear, I’ve been looking into it every night trying to know more on the subject, are you telling me that you were an expert of knowledge straight away at first? And have never asked a stupid question? I’m here now asking for advice, surely if i was as bad as you are making out I wouldn’t be asking any questions at all…, someone i know has recently taken the plunge with very little thought on it, I’m not like that I do worry about making mistakes and the consequences so I’m here asking people for advice…

Have you looked for it?

And man, stop crying like a baby. They are right about this kind of “kids” who try to show off and putting themselves and the whole community in a bad light. Man up! Suck it up! Do your homework! And stop pretending!

No, it’s been years of learning. But the difference is I did the learning first before I put anything into my body. You started a cycle and then began asking your questions. You did it backwards. That’s reckless and it’s how guys end up messing up their bodies. Nobody here wants to see that happen.

Showing off? Yeah that’s exactly what I’m doing buddy

I’ve had one injection tbh mate I’ve read alot online etc about the types of Ai’s when you should use one and which ones are better for your situation, what a beginner cycle would look like I’ll admit now I’ve read more my first question was pretty stupid, do you mind if i tell you what I know, and then you can go ahead and tell me if I’m wrong?

That would be an excellent approach as a matter of fact. More like a conversation and much less like someone asking us to do their homework for them. At this point we know absolutely nothing about you, your training, diet, or goals. Once you get through this initial beating you’re taking I believe you’ll find that most everyone here only has your best interests at heart.

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Im aged 25 trained for about 8 years had some gaps between training but all together kept in decent shape, So I’m going to be using test enathate twice a week at a total of 500mg per week, test e from what I can find is the best for one for a beginner cycle where things confuse me more is the Ai’s I from what I gather I shouldn’t use one untill I have symptoms of high estrogen levels the one I was planning to use was called aromasin, which helps balance you out for any excess estrogen? But this is where I keep getting confused I see different posts everywhere regarding when you should use one

As yubs said, read it!

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You said you’re also using deca, correct?

Decided against the deca, going to stick to test e only for my first cycle