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Beginner Looking for Appropriate Workout

As a young beginner I have been doing as much research as i have had time for, yet i find it hard to come to a conclusion as to what workout routine to use.

First of all some info about me: I am 16 - been lifting for 4-5 months without much of a routine planned out. That is to say I have simply been doing splits by alternating muscle groups so that I do them all in an even manner. Ill do 1-2 muscles per session. I am a skinny prick (6 foot 2 - 160ish pounds) and am planning to eat like crazy to resolve this aspect.

Thing is, I hear that for beginners, splits may not be the ideal choice and that I should perhaps be looking at a more compound orientated programme such as Rippetoes Starting Strength. Apprantly this is the path to follow for noobs looking to stack on the pounds and gain strength as quickly as possible and should be the first step taken before progressing onto a programme with more volume or with increased focus on isolation exercises.

The other alternative I had in mind was to follow Thib’s ‘How to design a damn good program’ and continue working on splits. I have a couple of friends who got big and strong on splits so it could work.

Sorry if you have read similar posts a million times but i am really stuck here and will appreciate any constructive feedback you guys can provide me with.


well I am 17 been lifting for strength sports(powerlifting,Oly lifts, and strongman) for a bout a year now. I have made great gains with splits of 3-4 days a week. But you have to choose what your main goal is (ie.bodybuilding,strength sports, speed) figure out what your main goal is and writee back here or better yet PM me and I will help you out as best I can.

To a certain extent, it’s going to depend on your body. It wouldn’t hurt at all to try both for a few months each and see what you respond to best. That said, even if you do a split routine, you should still be using squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, especially as a beginner.

Yeah, I’d definately incorporate those big compound movements into my routine regardless of what type of program i decide to follow.

Well at the moment I am pretty damn skinny so the idea of packing on some pounds definately does sound appealing.

However I have been told that a program built around strength comes with size gains too and I am much more interested in getting stronger as I want to get better at the sports I do. This includes basketball which needs needs a high degree of upper-body strength (to box out for rebounds etc) and lower-body strength (power).

Hey Rabid, welcome!

First, it’s good to hear that you are in the gym. Regardless of your current program, it’s damn refreshing to see you IN THE GYM even before you have set goals. That’s a very overlooked step. :slight_smile:

Definately a good pool of bulk routines available on this site. I recently started incorporating some olympic lifts (cleans, hang cleans, etc.) and have already started seeing and feeling the results.

Just remember, the only great aspect of any routine is when you CHANGE it. I would have my goals lined up for short and long term, and I would have 2-3 programs set up over that time frame to get me there.

Bottom line, pick some programs that look like a logical vehicle to hit your goals, get in the gym, bust your everloving ass, and eat as prescribed.

Welcome, and good luck! Let us know which programs you pick.

[quote]rabidshrimp wrote:
I am much more interested in getting stronger as I want to get better at the sports I do.
Do starting strength or WS4SB.