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Beginner Lifter Not Feeling Hungry


Hey guys! First post here, long time fan of trying to get in shape but not doing it right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just recently I have redone how I'm approaching the lifting game by actually lifting and not doing absurd amounts of cardio. Oh, and whey protein! Heh.

Well, the issue is that some days (not all) I don't have a big appetite in the morning. The morning meal is usually three eggs with a serving of whole grain oats and 4 oz of whey in milk.

Well, all of those are hard to take in, after eight hours of sleeping. I would hope it's not me overloading on carbs the night before, which isn't the case (two hours before sleeping I had small bits of cheese to snack on and half a cracker..don't ask about the cracker) so you'd think maybe i'd be starving, but i'm not.

But when I have to be at the gym at 9 and work by 11, I can't really sit around to be hungry! or should I??

So T-Nation, should this newbie suck it up and "eat his veggies" as you would, or get up earlier and wait until he's reaaallly wanting to eat his breakfast?



If only there were some substance that dramatically increases your appetite after inhaling it. Oh well.


I think that is a good amount of food to eat for breakfast. It may be that you just need to wait another 30 mins or hour before eating to develop your appetite. You should probably wake up earlier, it couldn't hurt. I find that my appetite will increase if I seriously eat a lot each morning because my stomach will start to expect that same amount of food.

Do you eat regularly throughout the day? Are you eating a large breakfast and then skipping lunch? I would get in the habit of having a protein shake each night before bed too.


Your breakfast doesn't sound too bad. I'd say keep it where it's at and make sure to have a good post workout shake and a large lunch.

Maybe this is a dumb question, but would it be possible to work out in the evening instead of the morning?


So eat less filling foods for breakfast. Whey protein and fruit are not filling and quick to digest. Oats and eggs are pretty much the opposite.


there really is nothing you can do in this situation. it's not like you could actually force yourself to eat more, because that would be like, unhealthy you know.


Dude I am not a breakfast person. I like breakfast foods, just hours later. BUT I get in close to 150g of protein every morning within 30-40 mins of waking, along with oats and an entire apple. It's really not that tough, and it only feels like force feeding for the first few weeks.

You find a way to accomplish things that you really want to achieve, and eating breakfast is going to have to be one of those little life challenges.


don't worry, as time goes by you can slowly increase the amount of food you eat using increments. for example, if you've been eating 1/2 cup oats in the morning for some time now, add an extra 1/4 cup of oats and accustom yourself to eating that. drop maybe drop the whey, increase the amount of milk you're eating and add in another egg. (food > supplements)

you'll get the hang of it in due time. just be patient, my friend.


Alright, thanks. I didn't even finish the oatmeal. I saved it till after my workout.

And no, I haven't skipped lunch today. :stuck_out_tongue:

So guys, tell me if this is good for today:

Calories: 2642

Fat: 110g, 29g saturated.

Carbs: 132g, 20.9 dietary.

Protein: 240g.

So that comes to 39/21/40 Fat > Carbs > Protein. Am I doing it right?


Damn, I was too late to add that.


Some sensible advice I've heard:
if you need to eat more, get more liquid calories, and do other things while you're eating (read the paper during breakfast, for instance.) You'll unconsciously eat more. It's the opposite of the advice given to fatties, which is to focus only on the food and not multitask.


At your level of development I don't think you need to worry about this at all. Just eat sensibly. Use your brain, don't live off of ice cream and candy bars, but don't avoid a PB sandwich or hamburger like the plague either.

People will disagree with me I assume, but dude you're 6'1" and under 180. You can count your ribs. No need to worry about macros and I'm gonna bet 2,500 cals isn't enough to gain.


I can't count my ribs! Well kind of.

Actually, i've come to 3000 calories today. The night is not over yet. :slight_smile:


Anyone heard of black hole? An appetite enhancement formula. A friend told me that his close friends were on this stuff and they were able to just eat like a fucking cow...


Well it's a damn good thing you improved on that 2600 cal figure, otherwise I was going to have to reach through the internet and strangle you.

I can knock down 2000+ calories at Carl's Jr. if I forget what I'm doing, and I'm trying to lose weight.

...So very angry.