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Beginner Learning About Diet?

Hey I am a competive powerlifter and have out grown my weight class because of well too much eating the wrong thing I suppose. I am a 275er and had to cut 10 pounds to make my last meet and this really hurt my lifts. So I would like to cut the 10 lbs and maintain the weight off so that I dont have to cut such a dramtic amount of weight at the next meet I do.

So I have been on this site for over 5 years, maybe close to six, and well I ashamed to say that I hardly ever read any articles on diet. I have powerlifted on the Dave Tate mentality of eating everything and anything and this has been working great because I started lifting in the 275 weight class weighing 260 so I have room to grow.

Now I have out grown it and I refuse to be a heavy weight for no other reason then Im too lazy to drop weight. So can yall recomend some articles that will set me along the right path.

The short answer:


And the longer:


I bet you have alot of water weight you could get rid of then.

Besides that, I’d say that cleaning your diet up (possibly carb cycling?) would allow you to drop some weight.

Losing weight fast (2+lbs/wk) means you’d be losing muscle (and therfore strength).

1-1.5lbs/wk is a rough guide after waterweight drops off (waterweight loss can vary ALOT per person)

Good luck and stay strong!!

Yea I do have a lot of water. The week before the meet I was able to lose 8 lbs in two days and that loss mainly came from just cutting back on water and carbs.

Thanksa lot for the articles, I will read them and start a plan. I love being strong but not at the cost of my energy levels because I always feel so damn tired. Spike gets me through work outs. So I am going to learn as much as I can and get my diet on point and start doing so gpp.
Thanks again