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Beginner/Intermediate Program Choice

First, a little background. I’ve been training for about 10 months so far. Before that, I “worked out” for 2 years. In the past 10 months, I’ve put on 25 pounds of solid muscle, and kept my body fat around 10%. I am currently 180 at 5’ 11". To get here, I mainly used total body programs from CW and WS4SB3. However, I want to get to 195 pounds at 8% bodyfat.

I don’t have any 1 RM numbers, but I box squat 225 for 3x8 onto a 8 inch box, deadlift 335 for 5 reps, and bench 225 for 3 reps. Should I stick with total body programs until I can squat 2x bodweight, deadlift 2.5x bodyweight, and bench 1.25x bodyweight?

Also, I want to lift 4 days a week instead of 3. Are there any programs you can recommend that are a 4 day template but not too advanced? Thanks for any help