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Beginner In Need Of Help!


hey im 6'1 around 155-165 lbs i fight muay thai and train pretty much every second i get

im looking into doing a cycle that can help me put on some lean mass, and have huge strength gain.

can anyone help me out with a good cycle that would be ideal for my sport..

i read alot about equipoise and masteron but im not sure how they would work out with fighting



At your size you need a good meal, not a good cycle.


At that height and weight I would listen to what strengthstudent has to say. Please give us your age also...

For all we know you are some 15 yr old kid who just started producing hormones a few years ago.

Plus, your goal is some 'lean mass, and huge strength gains'? What kind of training do you do RIGHT NOW besides muay thai?

You come off as someone who is in the very beginning stage of your training life, is this correct?

Give us some more info, gain 20lbs+ (without steroids) and a lot more people will be happy to help you. Oh yeah, do some research on how these POWERFUL HORMONES work inside your body, so your not just listening to some anonymous person telling you to take 'xxxx amount' of 'xxxd drug.'

Is this good enough cycle advice for you? If you are not already, start using ZMA at night, creatine (safe to use every day, but I don't feel it's necessary), fish oils (at least 2grams a day), some vitamin c and eat for christsake EAT!! You are skinny and weak!


to both above

im about 160-165 walking around fight at 155, im 6'1 at 8.5% body fat. im 18 about to be 19( i know this is young to start cycling, but im asking to be a safe user im not asking if i should be cycling, just what would be ideal for my sport)

i train 5-6 days a week 3-6 hours
mon, wed - Bjj, heavy weight lifting, then 3 hours of muay thai with coaches
tue, thursday-saturday - strength and conditioning, lifting, and boxing

plus i eat very clean to maintain my weight for fighting (about 1200-1500 calories a day.... i know this will need to be increased for when on a cycle)

and id like to know of a good cycle for my sport that wont kill my cardio, or kill my joints to much
through this id like to gain about 10-15lbs


Im thinkin about

Masteron 400mg a week
Equipoise 400mg a week
and Test E 400mg a week

anyone ran this before?


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Add those numbers up, change mg to calories, and times it by at least three, then eat that amount of calories every day. Your 1200-1500 calories a day needs to be increased if you ever plan on gaining weight, regardless of what drugs and/or steroids you introduce to your body.

Understand: Irrespective of steroid use, you need to eat more to gain weight and strength, I can tell you from experience not eating properly on a cycle renders the steroids useless, the only effects you'll get will be increased blood pressure. Doing that much training you will have a hard time holding extra weight, to be fair, but no one here would advise steroid use to an under 21 year old, me included. Start eating more, a 15LB natural and permanent gain is easily achievable without steroids IMHO. Adding something like three protein shakes a day with 2 raw eggs in them would be a good start on top of your current diet and a snickers bar before training to protect your glycogen stores.

If you want bigger and stronger be prepared to move up a weight group or two as well.


Yes I have thanks :wink:



no steroids when you look like a child. Too young, too underdeveloped.

Grow up then do drugs

Also, that is an absurd 1st cycle proposal. You arent ready for this


as other have said, at your age/weight you can put on a great deal of lean muscle mass with better application of training/nutrition.

Something like 250g-300g of protein a day and reduce your activity down to a minimum - i.e sleep and nap and sit around and catch the escalator and take the bus etc AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE (and cut the coffee) - amazing what difference crap like this can make.

However,as a Muay Thai competitor and MMA aspirant myself, i know hoe energy intense these sports are - especially Muay Thai - and there's a REASON these athlete are built lean and wirey. So....

I'd recommend the above onto of light cycles of two weeks on 4 weeks off times three, with say 350g of test and 350g of mast - should be nice and sexy and gradual. No need to overdo it, gains will be minimal but noticeable and solid. Check the various two-weeker protocols and logs on this forum.

I personally prefer 4 weeks off between two weeks cycle and then a good two months off after that so start with that.

But yeah, i'd wait at least a couple of years, or at least another one year wehereby you've changed up your diet and messed with your training a bit. I been fighting for 5 years, i doubt you've been doing it that long, so keep in mind you got loads to learn.



Not to be a parrot here but I agree with everyone else. OP you are too young, too small, and too inexperienced, and it definitely shows in your posts (I'm not trying to be a dick, but I'm not going to beat around the bush). I would also like to add that we have nothing to gain by telling you not to use, we are simply trying to help you. You are head-strong, but clearly lack discipline. What you want can easily be obtained by doing what Budda said above. We've all been in your position and we know what we're talking about. Have the wisdom to take our advice and you'll be better for it.


Hey thx for the advice, ill look into the test and mast at 350mg, and i have been training a total of 4 years now (wrestling in HS, 1 year boxing and jitz, and 2 years muay thai) (about a year and a half of competing in muay thai)

and idk what age u started out fighting but from my experience the muscle maturity between me at 18 and the people im fighting (23-30) is huge. so this is the main reason i am concidering juicing so early, and because my coaches are looking to let me have my pro debut coming up within the next year.

thx for the help.


Dude, you eat 1200 calories a day and want to gain weight/get stronger/maintain weight for fighting?

Not sure how you are going to gain weight and maintain weight, maybe I missed something.

First off as much as you train, at least double, probably triple the number of calories you are getting, and get it from clean sources. 3500 calories a day would be good, and would be very easy to get eating all clean, assuming you don't eat like a 9 year old girl.

Go to 2500 first, then 3000 if you still don't gain like you want, then go to 3500. A jump from 1200 to 3500 is too fast and you probably would store some fat.
1200 is like, well, only 500 or so more per day than people got in concentration camps if my history teacher back in high school was right... I don't think you want to look like them do you? At 6'1" and 155-165 I am kind of betting you are getting close to that level.

Your fighting will dramatically improve (as well as everything else) if you start eating like you should.


uh, yeah. I been doing sit-ups since i was 6 years old rolls eye

You've been competing in Muay Thai just over a year. I've been competing FIVE.

COMPETING. I was almost 4 years in of competition before i started juicing - in fact, it was around a year ago this month. And that was after a long time of research.

And what exactly do you mean "pro" debut? You havne't even fought "pro" yet?? So you've been "fighting" unclassed inter-club events? You're jumping the gun kiddo.

Now i ain't like these other juiced up meatheads on this forum who want to be as BIG AS POSSIBLE. I understand there's more to these drugs than having forearms the size of the ones our friendly neighbourhood BONEZ217 has.


You need to actually learn what it's like to put on weight NATURALLY before you understand how these drugs are gonna work.

Fuck it though, you've got what you're looking. You dont even know what these drugs are.

Have you actually "tried" to put on weight?

And why are you trying to put on weight? You want to move up a weight class? At 6'1 fighting 155 you're at a distinct advantage with your reach.

And a word of warnign, kid, if you want to add on weight and "muscle maturity" really really quickly - you are gonna fuck up your cardio right royally. Good luck with that son.

You don't even realise that Muay Thai is NOT a muscle sport. Take the time allow your body to change gradually naturally as it grow and for your cardio-vascular system to keep pace. Take it from a guys whose been through this. Unless you're competing in a MUCH higher weight-class already, these drugs and the concommitant muscle mass you'll accrue, will be very detrimental.


Aside from being a total dickhead about it, MOST of what is posted here is right. You're so cocky, you won't listen to anyone but who you WANT to be right. Jump on cycle, get a great initial leap in progress, come off, and fuck yourself up. At least you'll have learned a valuable lesson: You are not an exception and 100% of the time, your elders' advice should at least be taken into consideration. It'll also build your character. Have fun little guy...

-A juiced up meathead


i'm sorry, i didn't mean to offend anyone on this forum. I think you're all lovely :slightly_smiling:


I think you know full well Wyldflower no one on here gives a fuck what you think, even if there is some good and valid advice...

Anyways, OP, I don't even understand how you can maintain your bodyweight and train the amount that you do on 1200-1500 calories a day, this is ridiculous!

You have gotten enough good advice/feedback on here; either listen to what we have to say and wait a bit, or just do what you are going to do. It is not on us, it's on you.




As idowhatIcan brought up, it is IMPOSSIBLE to be doing this much work and not be dropping pounds on 1200 cals a day. You're definitely lying about something. The BMR (sleeping all day) for someone of your age and weight has to be at least 500 per day more than that, let alone when you're supposedly busting your ass with 10+ hours a week of such a tough activity. You're definitely doing a lot right. You're going to be huge brah!


Kid, you are the reason steroids are illegal in some countries.