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Beginner in Bad Shape


Im 14, been lifting off and on for about a year, last few months ive been trying to get it together. I do BJJ Tuesday and Thursday, and i try to lift every day or at least every other day, but i dont get it some weeks. My pecs arent in great shape, definitely lacking in the lower pecs, and im worried about my arms.

I really dont care about aesthetics or how much weights on the bar, i just care about muscle growth. I know the first thing you guys are gonna say is 'lift more consistently' and im starting tomorrow to lift consistently, but any experience or tips you guys have will be greatly appreciated! Thank you guys!


Lift big, eat big, and don't stress. Gains will come through dedication and time.


You are only 14 - your bones are still growing. I know big pecs and arms may seem like the holy grail to you right now, but you really need to concentrate more on the learning aspect of lifting and not so much on your size. Make it a point to learn the technique and form for each lift really well, so that in a couple of years when you are ready to put on some real muscle mass you will be doing it right. And keep reading this site.


x2 on what pcdude said imo. Also, learn about proper eating. I started when I was 18 and didn't improve as much as I did in the year I learned about proper eating.

Learn about your mobility and how much you would need to do a proper squat or dl. It isn't helpful to figure out how much you would need once you lose it. I think learning the proper mechanics and technique are really important. Don't take your flexibility for granted. Also, strengthen your stablizer muscles of your shoulder. Make sure your hamstrings are flexible.