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Beginner In a Sense


Hey, I'm not really a newbie to lifting, but I am to this site. I have been lifting weights for years on and off, but I have never really been into it like I am now. I've read some articles, and am about to buy a few supplements from the T-Nation store to replace the (crappy) ones I have now, but just looking for some advice as to which ones for my specific diet.

K, so about 4 months ago I was about 175 and 6'3. I had an average amount of muscle to me, but obviously, not a whole lot. My goal is to get to about 210 by March 15, because after March 15 I plan on slowly jumping onto the velocity diet before summer :). Anyways, I'm about half way now, 197 lbs, with a good 12-13% BF but progress has slowed. I've been trying to eat as cleanly as possible, not perfect, but as best I can, and I've been taking huge amounts of protein as well. Basically, I'm hoping my diet is pretty on par.

K, so to get to the point, I'm not feeling the gains that I used to strength-wise. I'm following a HIT workout and I have gone up at least 20lbs in most excercises, but I think I have hit a plateau. Basically what I'm doing consists of compound movements, of all body parts in about 45 min every other day. I try and get to 10 reps and then I put up the lbs an extra 5 my next workout. What do you guys think of this workout? Would you make any changes? What should I buy to replace my crappy generic "gainer" shake?



Everything works at first... maybe read through some of the programs on the site here and then pick one?

Chad Waterbury has some articles that get into the details of muscle growth and so on that you may be interested in as well.