Beginner Home/Bodyweight Workout Advice


I’m after a bit of advice or information that I can relay to my girlfriend with regards to training. She seems to have become insecure all of a sudden about her body but she is not overweight and looks the same as she always has. She is 5’ 1" and weighs 112 pounds which is normal according to BMI. She hasn’t really been particular in regard to what she wants: not to lose weight but add some size to her bum and “tone up.”

She’s been to the gym once and had a trial with a personal trainer who had her on the treadmill for half an hour followed by more cardio and she wants to use one. I’ve advised against this as these methods don’t seem to me the best way to achieve what she wants and this will cost her in the region of £250-£450 a month.
I’ve tried to explain about strength training and it’s benefits and that I’d help her with this, starting off with bodyweight exercises and progressing from there. Something we can do at home as although she wants to go to the gym, she is quite insecure about going as well.

If anyone can offer any advice and maybe something basic to start her off that would be greatly appreciated.

This article on T-nation might have some useful information for you: 3 Steps to Getting Your Girl to Train

Get some light freetoo bands for a pullups type movement and just need a couple light dumbells or a kettlebell and can get a complete workout…