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Beginner Here First Cycle Advice


Hey guys,
First time cycle questions. Im thinking about test prop 600mg week, my question is what else should I stack with? What else will I need for this stack PCT? CURRENT STATS 29 year old. 6ft tall 185 lbs 10-15% body fat. Looking for gains and to be as cut as I can. Please go easy I understand these are probably dumb questions but I dont wanna get the wrong stuff. Thanks


For a first cycle you’d be better off with a longer ester so you’re not pinning so much.

You’ll need a SERM for PCT and an AI to control oestrogen on cycle


If your looking for a cut you could toss in some winny or Var for the last 4-5 weeks for some polishing touches. I agree with yogi though, long esters first cycle, you could switch to prop the last 4 weeks to make your transition into PCT quicker.

Also as yogi said, pct and AI


I’m on my first cycle of test cyp 400 mg a week still not seeing what I want it’s frustrating


Test Prop burns like a scortching case of herpes… You are wise to go with a longer ester… Test eth is dirt cheap just like prop and doesnt burn you can pin it anywhere… Yea 500-600 is cool pin M &TH throw in some anastrozole .50 eod & some hcg and your g2g… But pick a PCT system… No sense getting all diesel just to grow some bitch tits and bacne…

@ msosder could be lots of things…

  1. Your diet is shit
  2. Your WO is shit
  3. Juice is fake
  4. No AI
  5. Also 400mg a weeks not crazy high

Keep in mind its not a miracle in a vial you gotta put in the work it just gives you a edge on father time & genetics