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Hi everyone, been checking this forum out for a while since I started trying to learn olympic lifting a couple of months ago. Teaching myself so its been pretty tricky. Anyway, there seems to be some very knowledgable people on here so I figured I'd sign up and get you to tear my form to shreds. Filmed some snatches today and a hang clean from a couple of weeks ago. I think I've got some ideas about what could be improved but would really appreciate some experienced advice.


Looks good.

Don't jump your feet up so in the Sn. Get your head up high (if you head goes up high the rest of your body will follow, your hips, getting on to your toes etc) and then get down.

Sn looks good apart from that. Get some footage of the full lifts.

Cn looks good, Jerk less so, split is not long and looks very cramped. Front foot should be further forwards and back foot should be on the front of your balls and the hell is suppose to be up = knee is bent = pushs hip under the bar and it's square instead of twisted.

Looks good overall mate, keep it up.



Thanks Koing. I'm going to be working on getting down over the next few weeks. After getting the speed right in the last pull it seems like I can't help but take off at the moment which isn't the way forward! This drill looks like a good warmup:

Thanks for the advice on the jerk. There's comparatively little advice about this on the net compared to the snatch or clean.


Stand tall for the Jerks, your knees are slightly bent = wasted energy. When it's f0cking heavy it won't help you out.

Stand tall, weight really on your heels, lean backwards a touch, don't bend backwards but keep everything tight and straight and lean slightly backwards. The bar will be inline with your heels. Dip on your heels, drive on your heels then split. Go long with your front foot, short backfoot, bend it.

BUT THE MAIN THING IS TO GET YOUR HIPS UNDER THE BAR. Ideally you'd have a perfect split but that doesn't matter for sh!t if your hips ARE NOT UNDER THE BAR. Hips HAVE TO BE UNDER THE BAR TO be able to steady the jerk so your feet are together and you can get those white lights.



I just got a little tip myself on the jerks yesterday. My stance was just a bit too wide sometimes. I narrowed my stance and BAM, they kept on going smoothly up, got a PR (well for the couple of weeks that I've been doing them).


Thanks Koing. I tried following your description today and the front foot forward idea felt less stable. I probably still haven't got the hips thing right yet. Something to work on I guess. Really appreciate the advice.


The front foot forwards still means your hips have to be under the bar. Front foot forward and your hips behind will mean the bar will generally be in front = not good either! This is what I use to do a lot :frowning:

Keep at it mate, the most important thing is getting your hips under the bar and dip and driving straight.