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Beginner, Help with Long Term Goals


Alright guys, I've been lurking a while, lifting a while. I've been in and out of gym for about two years, and only started lifting more seriously around Christmas. Anyway, I'm about 195 lbs, 6'0,18 years old. 225 bench, 340 Squat, and 410 deadlift ( raw, of course). I've been training Westside, and it's been going pretty well.

but I have some pretty big longterm goals that I'd like to accomplish, by the time I'm I reach my last year of Juniors ( the year I turn 23). And I realize that this may completely unachievable, but I'm going to put it out there anyway, and ask for any advice that I can. So here it is: 400 Bench, 600 Squat, 630 Deadlift ( geared, of course).

Alright, so I know that's a lot. Also worth noting, is that I am not at all adverse to putting on as much as weight as possible ( up to the 125 kilo weight class, but hopefully not the 125+). Will be competing in the cpu/ipf ( hopefully), even if I never even come close to making those numbers. Anyway guys, just looking for some tips, anything helpful.

Yeah, I know I'm kind of setting my sights pretty high.


Should do it easy tbh...

My best lifts at 19 and 198lb, raw;
Squat: 365lb
Bench: 250lb
Deadlift: 420lb

Lifts at 22 and 230ish lb, single ply gear;
Squat: 675lb
Bench: 465lb
Deadlift: 575lb

The key is just pushing hard and working your weak points. EVERYONE needs more core work, that's what'll get you the big carryover in the squat. Hammering boards and top end strength (along with lats and upper back) will get your shirted bench moving. I can't give much advice on the deadlift cos mine still sucks!


Holy hell. That is a great squat increase, I would love to put a hundred pounds a year onto my squat haha.

Thanks for the advice Hanley, what fed do you lift in? And what shirt do you wear that you find you get the most carry over from using those methods? I haven't bought any gear yet,but am doing some research into what I should get for training ( competition is still a ways off)


As long as we're talking core work for the squat, what kind of core work do you recommend to improve the squat?


Personally, I've been doing standing cable crunches, floor wipers, leg raises, and weighted decline crunches. It's been going okay so far.


With gear you'll easily make it, and most probably will make it raw too if you're consistent and make the weight gain.


Set acheivable short term goals, you can't go from a 300 squat to 600 without squatting 400...425...450...ect
Keep working at breaking your old PRs and the weights will add up quickly


although its ok to set 5 year goals...why not set a six month goal, then get it in 4 months and pat yourself on the back. Work short attainable goals to keep yourself driven. those are big increases when you look at em the way you are. Cut it up and train like you'll die tommorow!! leave it all in the weight room and those goals are in the bag!


Figured I'd make my post here since it fits the lines of the topic.

I am much more of a beginner than ThirdUncle is. I pretty much just started lifting 3-4 months ago with an ultimate goal of dunking. From the research I've done, I have to squat around 400-440lbs to dunk (along with movt efficiency exercises). Anyway, I'm 172lbs, 5'11", 28yo, 10% BF. Lifting stats are below.

(Progress in 3-4 months)
Squat: 230lbs to 295lbs
Deadlift: 245lbs to 345lbs
Bench: 170lbs to 230lbs

I am currently just training those lifts once per week and each week trying to beat the previous weeks PR. How long should it take to achieve the 400lb squat given my recovery habits are ideal? Also, is training these lifts once per week enough? Thanks for your help!


how does one do standing cable cruches i have never understood those, i tried to attempt them once too. Heres a lesson, i neglected my core work and my squat form just started sucking and now i have to reset and practice at lower weights and hammer the core again so maintain the core!
i find heavy weighted decline situps and some planks work well for me