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Beginner - Help Me Please


Hello everyone,

I just joined this forum, and I have a couple questions that i hope can be answered here. since I?ve started college, the freshman 15 hit me hard. I am 5? 4?, and weight currently 167 lbs. All I want to do is lose some fat (not weight! I read it in the ?New to T-Nation? thread), and tone myself, particularly my abs and chest.

I have been jumping rope and doing simple abs and chest exercises (sit-ups, crunches, etc?). I usually do about 3 reps of 20 pushups and sit-ups, and 2 reps of 1 minute bridges (for those of you who don?t know what a bridge is, its where you lay on your stomach, prop yourself up on your elbows and toes, and hold it for a certain amount of time, while trying to keep your back straight).

I?d like to get back to my high school weight of 150-155 lbs, and get toned. Here are my questions:

1) I read on here that jogging vs. jumping rope results in different muscle workouts when doing it for strength training as opposed to doing it just for cardio. Will it help me get back into shape and get a decent cardio workout, or would jogging benefit me more, given my current situation and what I want to do? I usually jump rope for about 3 mins, and do 4 or 5 reps, with a 1 min break in-between.

2) Will it help if I drink those protein shakes that I see people drinking? I?m not looking to build muscle, just tone for right now. I know that protein helps build muscle, but im also wondering if it helps burn fat also well.

3) To build muscle: more weight, less reps
To tone: less weight, more reps

4) I am usually tired and sore after I?m done working out. However, the next morning, I?m neither tired nor sore. Maybe a little stiff, but nothing major. Does that mean I?m not pushing myself hard enough? Or is that normal?

Thank you in advance to everyone will answer my questions!


Cardio Roundatble I&II
and others

In short yes Proetin is good and should be the base of every meal aiding to preserve muscle mass which in a sense is that TONE you speak and yor metabolism. Plus has a HIGH TEF and keep you from being hungry all the time if its a slower digesting source.


Volume and Intensity (load) equal muscle growth. Intensity = aiding to preserve LBM forces body to want to keep muscle. In other words lift some damn heavy loads you arent going to go and get HUGE over night and for sure you wont when eating to lose.

Soreness is not a good gauge of a w/o progress is. BUT it happens likely its do to you always doping high rep low load and your body has nothing new to adapt to. Go lift.

No prob you got a LOT of reading top do Id try ALL the links in the beginners thread



Why go back to 150? You call 167 bad, why not start lifting heavy and start getting somewhere?


I have no access to any sort of weight-lifting equipment where i am, or else i would go lifting.

any more advice anyone?


you said that you gained this weight thanks to the "freshmen 15" right ? Well that implies that you are going to college, doesnt your college have any kind of equipment that you could use? Even my community college has a weight room. If you arent planning to do any kind of weight training, this might not be the website for you, i dont mean that as any kind of an insult, its just a thought.

Heres how you can lost weight and get healthier even if you are only able to do bodyweight workouts, heres the link to the top diet articles at T-Nation, read them all.



i knew someone was going to question that.

I am involved in a co-op/internship type of program, and currently im actually working, not going to school right now, so I have no access to a weight room. When I go back to school I will though, and if anyone has any ideas as to a decent beginner's routine that i could do when i go back, that would be great!


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