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ok i have been lifting for about 15 months started out around 155-160, got up to 180 and cant get past it did a sust 250 cycle and gained no size or strength.(bad shit maybe)

i know u guys get the same questions all the time but i just want to know what i should do for a cycle i already have the dbol what should i take with it i would like to reach 190 and i would like my gains to be as lean as possible


This should be in the steroid forum bro.

I will say youve been lifting a WHOLE 15 months. Wait a few years learn how to train hard and eat for your goals and pack on some size before adding the steroids



You did sust 250? What dosage? What is your training like? What is your cal/protein intake? Do you get enough sleep?

Did you not feel anything at all from your cycle? Did you get huge ass libido or anything for that matter? Aggression for the gym ..better mood? Sust 250 is a blend of 3 test esters and I am sure if you never did a cycle before you should have felt something from it or some kind of gain. Even if its fat.

I know some stupid people that have started cycles without even training and they gained lots and lots of fat. From what you say, I am inclined to think your gear was fake or it never got into your body some how.


The only thing worse than being ignorant is being dumb.

You, sir, are both. Shut up, hit the Search button, and delete your profile before you get horribly flamed on. Please.


Um, did you eat while you were on your cycle? You know you have to do that, right, to gain weight.


You sir, might be the most unintelligent form of life I have discovered in my life thus far. You used sust250 and claimed you gained ABSOLUTELY nothing from it.

Could that be because of the fact your training, diet, or supplementation sucked? Just a thought.

Apparently you need to do more research. So delete your profile before you make an even bigger jackass out of yourself, find the search feature and EDUCATE yourself!!!


Chill out dude, you sound like you have anger issues. He could of probably just got bunck shit. You don't know. He might be training and eating right. There is a lot counterfeit gear out there.


The thing I'm concerned about is he has only been lifting for 15 months...which means he took his cycle before even a year of lifting.


Here's the best cycle for you (taken from Cooljames at Outlaw), "i dont usually give out my secrets, but ill do it this time only.

8 hrs of sleep x 7 days a week
food every 3 hrs x 7 days a week
1g of protein x LBM x 7 days a week
gym 3-4 x per week

repeat this cycle for about 3-5 years, no need to come off, and you wont need a post cycle therapy, as you wont get any hormonal shut down."

I personally recommend PCT every 9-12 weeks for 1 week. I would do that cycle for 9-12 weeks take a 1 week PCT (Rest from everything) and repeat.

Listen, I'm not trying to be a dick or be belittling, just being honest. Once you've gotten past your "plateau" and gained some more then let's consider another step - it sounds like you're wanting an easy way, I could be wrong, and you can let me know that, what's your height?

I'd never recommend a cycle to someone with only 15 months of training without know much more about their stats, age, training regime and experience, actually goals both short term and long-term, etc. I'm also not trying to be one of those holier than thou "give me your stats" guy's either, but in your case and not having anything to work with,it's needed.

If you've already got Dbol, then we know that you'll use it - LOL. So tell us much more and maybe we can at least steer you in the right direction, and remember that cycle I listed at the beginning is the best one and should always be a base.


155 to 180, off the juice? sounds like juicing isnt for you LOL. you get some serious gains natural in 15months, then why the hell would you juice?????!?!?!


Ummmm......not sure about the Canadian calendar, but here in the states 12 months is a year, so he has 3 additional months :wink:

and per the OP, he is probably now thinking I thought that Sus250 tasted funny.....dawning on him that it is injected NOT ingested :wink:


He would have had to have done the cycle he mentioned within that year, Mr. Bill. Hence what Joey wrote.
Now quit makin us Americans look bad.


Ah true, but we dont know his cycle length, so up to a 12 week cycle, he was over or just at 12 months training :wink:

But I get where you are coming from. Still not enough training time for starters.


Stop playin with your body.Train hard for at least 3-4 years and then think about doin your first cycle.And you have to plan this cycle like you re goin to war.


You can break 180 if you do everything right, it will just take a while.

If I were you, I'd be counting my blessings that the sust 250 you took was fake. It gave you another opportunity to rethink whether you want to do steroids with so little experience lifting.



Muahaha, olive oil for starters...


Besides which, if the 87 in his screen name refers to year of birth, he's about 20 years old (jesus, now I suddenly feel kinda old), which is too young to be thinking about using this stuff, ESPECIALLY after 12 months of lifting.


winstrol / clenbuterol / cytomel


damn alot of u people are pissed at the world. its has been a few months since i posted last. yes my first cyc i took 1cc of sus 250 a week, yes i eat around 3000 to 3500(on good day), work out hard 5 days a week( im a personal trainer) stuck with compound movemnets using 8- 12 reps a set trying to acheive strength and size gains gained nothing. my dick stayed hard.had a little aggression but really no size gains maybe minor strength gains. i appreciate all positive insite fuck all the rest of you


how long was the sus 250 taken for?