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Beginner Full Body Routine...Whatcha Think


Im a recovering anorexic looking to put on mass. 6 foot 141 up from 121 lbs. Been using p90x but....I want to gain 20 or so lbs and I know its not conucive to my goal. Anywhere hers the routine I was thinking of everything is 2x8-10 to start:
Bench(flat barbell)
Rows(bent over or seated atm my low back is really weak so thinking of seated rows til it heals completely)
Over head press standing barbell
GHR on hyperextension machine(i put the pad real low to allow for hip flexion and I feel it on my hams glutes way more than low back)
Curls or chins haven't decided yet
Calf raises
Pullups 2 to fail if I feel I have the energy
So 16-18 sets per workout and add weight to the bar whenever I hit 10 reps(I even have 1.25 lb plates to microload if necessary). Thanks and regards and please suggest any changes.


Diet and intensity (you do not necessarily know whether you will respond better to high volume or low volume yet.. perhaps you should experiment with different volumes and frequencies as long as you stick with something long enough to be sure that it is working.. this means eating properly, training properly, etc. - alternatively, you can also cycle volume) are probably of more importance. What are you eating right now?

Also, see the "Do this Routine instead of that dumb one" thread if your goals are hypertrophy based, perhaps WS4SB or 5/3/1 if your goals are more strength based.

Also, you probably want to gain way more weight than you are currently shooting for at your height.


I am on a somewhat supervised diet of 3k cals a day at macronutient ratios 80 grams fat, 200-220 grams of protein and the rest coming from carbs. On my old routine of p990x my weight gain has stalled so I'm going to keep the eating here and see how I respond. My first workout was today and I did exactly what I outlined. I figured basing my program around compounds like basically everything I chose was good and the GHR would be a good assistance for my squat and have seen many people actually recommend it over the RDL. Thanks for the tips and moving this to the appropriate section.


I still stand by that being a far less than optimal program. Also, how many carbs you are taking in (being honest from day to day, as well) will be very important as far as your potential to build muscle/remain lean - depending on how you handle them. Just be honest with yourself - it might be best to post pictures so that people know what you look like presently.

What are your best lifts (not just the main 3)?


I am taking in close to 300 carbs. For example today broke down to 2,907 347 carbs 78 grams fat and 213 grams protein. I based the routine somewhat off of a routine on a different forum that has SLDL/RDL in it as oppose to the GHRs. Everything else is pretty identical (Squat, Bench, Row, OHP, SLDL, Curl and Calf are the exercises for it with a rep progression over time as opposed to weight with your current 10 rep max). My lifts for 10 rep maxes are:
Bench - 140 hit today
Squat - 140 also (odd I know)
Deadlift - havent tested in awhile but was 170 before my injury
OHP - 75
Curl - also 75
GHR I am doing with a 35 weight
Dips I got 9 weighted at 10 lbs
Pullups I can get about 7 or 8 BW


This is the most recent pic I have. It is from about 2 weeks ago but I look basically the same. It is unflexed front.


Try to be as consistent as possible with diet and calories.

I would recommend doing 5/3/1 with the body weight assistance template until you are strong enough to do the prescribed reps in all the body weight exercises. Then switch to any of the more challenging assistance templates, such as boring but big, or the full body. The book is worth your $20, you can buy it on amazon.


Get on a proven program, that one is crap. You do not know more then experienced strength coaches or else you wouldn't be here.

And pull your damn pants up.


yeah pull your pants up! lol