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Beginner form critique


Hey guys, Ill keep it short, recently turned 18, have about 2 years background in training (dead 160, squat 120x3, bench 100kg, OHP 65x5) and last month decided to make the change to olympic lifting.

There are no oly gyms around me hoping for uni to let me do it when i move in at the end of this week, and depending on that I'll buy proper shoes or not ill come to the decission when I see their gym.

First month i tried to up the weight as quickly as possible and probably didnt nail my form as I should have so now have gone back to working on form with the bar and small weight.

Hang Snatches: (today)

Squat Cleans: (from one of the first workouts)


forms fairly solid for just starting out. in the sn your not finishing the pull and opening your hips. try to keep your shoulders over the bar longer. the second pull in both lifts need to be more violent.


What do you mean by not "finishing the pull and opening my hips" in the snatch?

Thanks for the help man, appreciate it


It just means using your glutes to drive your hips forward to the bar - extending yourself as tall as possible to get max power out of the second pull before you pull under. I also find that looking up at a point on the ceiling "throwing" the head back really helps me finish the second pull properly. Where the head goes the rest will follow so to speak. I'm sure others will explain it better though.

Your general mobility looks good.

Best of luck with your training