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Beginner First Cycle of Test 500/wk

33 years old, healthy
180 lbs
7-8 years of natty training. Tried sarms October 2019 and waste of time and money. It blew up my cholesterol levels BIG time. I believe my LDL was 223 and my HDL was 5. (more on this soon)

Looking to do my first cycle of 500 test e per week.

However, I think my cholesterol is slightly high. Results as of March 2020.

HDL 45
LDL 161
Triglycerides 84

I was told i run the risk of stroke or heart disease if i do this cycle?

You could start doing some cardio if you are not. That will likely help with cholesterol. Maybe add fish oil.

First off steroids are bad for you… mmm k? I don’t know your medical history nor am I a doctor. Even if I was I wouldn’t dispense medical advice via the web. However stroke risk assuming you’re a normal healthy individual is a bit of a stretch whereas heart disease is common side effect of long term use. Your cholesterol doesn’t look ‘that’ bad by the numbers but meh. At 6’1 180lbs I don’t see the need to hop on gear. You should be able to get to 200lbs easy at a reasonable BF %. I recently cut down from 202lbs to 190lbs (on TRT for the past several months only) and I’m a midget compared to you. I also have a small frame and average genetics so … I would say revamp the diet and training regimen.

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What BF% are you? If not really low, steroids aren’t for you at the moment. There’s too much potential left. And if your cholesterol is bad because of too much BF, you have no business running gear.

Your risk for stroke in a healthy male at that age is very low though.

impossible for me to get to 200lbs, always been a hard gainer, and everytime i try to bulk, i get tons of fat gain on waist and love handle area despite eating clean. it’s a bad look…been spinning my wheels for 8 years back and forth.

BF is around 14%. I am skinny/lean. I’ve been doing IF and cardio. Im going on a vegan diet to drastically lower my LDL before cycle.

I have no potential left. it’s been 8 years of different training routines and diets, the lowest i had to get for visible abs was at 155 , yes, 155 pounds! Like Brad pitt in fight club, he was 155 or 150 lbs at 5%. I got down to 5.5%. This was… 4-5 summers ago.

You did not need to get to 5.5% to have visible abs. You likely had much higher body fat % than 5.5% if that was to just get visible abs. 5.5% is shredded to the bone. Veins in the face. Many men have visible abs at 15%, and good abs at 12%.

At 14% you should have some ab definition. Maybe only a 4 pack depending on genetics.

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That’s not totally how it works, you can still gain muscle after that period of time training. Additionally, I’m 5’9 on a good day and have been 14.5% BF at 190 (measured via inBody, so there’s room for error there) and have since gained at least 5 pounds of muscle. Far from good genetics as well. The last few pounds take a lot of work and some uncomfortable eating, and you’ll gain some fat with it. You’ll have to be OK with losing your abs for awhile (overrated anyway) and dedicate yourself to busting balls training. You should be able to hold another 5-10 lean pounds without gear, why not do it all on your own?

This leads me to believe you also don’t have a grasp on true BF either. Mr. Pitt was not 5% BF in fight club. The striations and veins you have at that mostly unachievable number are ridiculous. He was more in the 10% range. I’ve never been that lean and I struggle to get even under 15%. We could argue BF all day as it doesn’t really matter anyway as long as you are happy with your own self image.

Moving on… I’m sure you’re going to do what you’re going to do. I think I answered your question for the most part. Let us know how it goes if you move forward.

I think a good way to put it is that most Mr. Olympia competitors don’t get under 5%. The ones that do are known for superior conditioning. The picture below is right about 4%.

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Back on topic. I think we need a bit more info from the original poster to help out. Risk of stroke at 33 is low IMO, but not impossible. Other heart issue risk is increased with AAS. What does the training look like. Maybe post a picture without face to help us get an actual idea of where you are. Maybe you are a real 14%. It that is the case you may be close to ready, but if you are actually 20+% at 180 (this may sound strange, but many over 20% think they are getting close to single digits), I just don’t think AAS are for you at least not until you fix some things.

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This stuns me, as I’m doing nearly the same training routine for 4 years now and still progressing, slowly but surely. Doing many different routines doesn’t mean there’s no potential left, it could mean you are not dedicated to one or didn’t find a good one yet. Also, what was the heaviest you’ve been? Have you ever been over 200 lbs through training and eating? Because if not, you severely underestimate how many gains you can make with just food! At 6’1 you’re a light weight at your weight and as I said, you’re either lean now (~10%) or you made some training/dieting mistakes.

It’s good if you would not be ready for roids, that would mean you can make the gains you dream of without fucking up your heart/liver and other organs to gain a good amount of muscle.

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I want pics of this! I dropped from 187 to 164 over the last 3 months. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

I’m still not “cut” lol. I have a pic of me fishing on the beach. I just look like a smaller version of my avatar. Check out the whopper I caught.

@blshaw Dude you’re looking great man! You still look huge just leaner. Makes that giant fish look like a total bitch.

From 187 to now 164 by not working out and eating one meal a day for 3 months. Not ideal and losing that much weight took a while to come to terms with but the lean look has grown on me. Will be building up lean mass from here on and being smart about it. Gyms open Monday in Nola.

What’s your guess on my body fat percentage? I have no fucking clue.


Damn you’ve really tightened up your core. How’s the arm size? You look good so it’s hard to tell. That’s my biggest gripe when I lose weight. Arms shrink and I look smaller in Tshirts.

They definitely have gotten smaller but since they weren’t big to begin with not a lot smaller. The crazy thing is I get a lot more compliments from women now that I look like a starving little bitch than I ever did when I was the 5th biggest guy at Planet Fitness during the 10pm hour. I think women just aren’t used to seeing any semblance of abs or definition on normal men. Throw an ab pic on tinder and it’s like casting Bill Dance’s “helicopter lure” in the fish tank at Bass Pro Shop. Better brace yourself cause your pole is guaranteed to get tugged.

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That’s probably about what I should weigh at 5’9" and my build instead of hovering around 180 but every time I lose 1/2" off my arms I freak out :^ /

This is so true. What women mean when they say abs is worse than Brad Pitt in fight club, low body fat and skinny. They never see a muscular guy with definition. When they think muscular there’s a picture of a real meathead in their imagination. What some girls showed me as a good body was not even under 12% body fat and skinny as hell. So they drool over an actually fit guy.
But most women don’t even know what they find attractive. In reality it’s always personality > body, that’s why you can get laid without a six pack and be a virgin with some nice abs. The nice body is a foot in the door (in your case a really big one and on Tinder it probably means instant lays). Point in case:
There was this show “too hot to handle” and I didn’t see a thing besides the first episode and the guy with the worst body got the hottest chick. Apparently they were together the whole rest of the show.

The ability to make a girl laugh = instant access to panties. Have a good body + funny = lifetime access. Women have to think about safety above all else and some dude that looks like they can crush her in an instant that can’t immediately make them feel safe is going to have a harder time getting a somewhat normal chick than some less threatening dude. Guys never have to worry about “Is this girl going to kill me?”. As much as I sometimes like to think women have it easier I wouldn’t want to be one.

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