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Beginner Exercise Suggestion


Guys need suggestion on what kinda exercises should I do to get good back development
currently this is the position
(healthy criticism welcome )
thank you


Dude, you seem to have fixed your attitude since the rate my physique thread, that will be key.

For now, the basics will go a long way:

Horizontal rows (pick a variation you like)

And don't forget to get your nutrition in order, might be difficult on the "frat cut of life", but it doesn't make it any less important.

Good Luck


Deadlifts, rows, chinups and pullups, try to get a good MMC since your arms look stronger than your back and could be shifting the focus on some exercises from the back.


Bro whats mmc ?


For aome reason my arms are growing very well..not very defined or peaked though but pumped all the time and quiet disproportionately big though I do no extra special work..I think instead of back bicep are taking more load..


MMC stands for Mind Muscle Connection. It's bodybuilder speak for feeling the target muscle working during an exercise. So if you're doing a back exercise but not feeling the exercise working your back muscles, then your MMC is poor and you need to work on ways to make sure the target exercise is hitting the desired body part, either by changing the execution of the exercise or switching to a different exercise completely.


The back isn't a muscle, it is made up of a group of muscles.
Pullups/Pulldowns with various grips build latisimus dorsi.
Rows of all kinds build trapezius.
Deadlift variations build erector spinae, glutes, hamstrings and trapezius.

Some will argue that there is an overlap. Well of course there is. You can't isolate a muscle however the idea is to stimulate one the best way possible.

A decent back routine would look something like this:

Trap Bar Deadlifts ramp up to a top set of 3-5
Weighted pullups 5 x 5-7
One Arm Dumbell Row 3 x10-12
Seated Cable Row 3 x 10 -12

Unlike most muscle groups the back can take a pounding so I would do any deadlift variation on a different day such as legs day.
Doing this can mean adding an extra lat exercise such as lat pull downs on back day.

Edit: I just read that you are bicep dominant. In that case you will get a lot out of pre exhaust training.
What this means is working your back first without arm involvement. Exercises that come to mind are straight arm push downs. Pullover machine if your gym has one would be excellent. Kyak rows is another that Christian Thibideau used to recommend.
The idea is to pre fatigue your lats and trapezuis so that when you do your pullups and rows you wont be feeling it in the biceps.
You wont be able to use as much weight but so what. Building muscle is about creating tension not how much weight you can lift.


Thanks a lot everyone...I was considering doing this...start with some bent over rows 5 sets then move to t bar machine doing power sets and then superset bent over, seated cable rowing ..3 SS and finally as a finisher lat pulldown


And I am weak at pull ups any suggestion on how to get atleast one freakin pull up


And ofc deadlifts at the end for lower back


Your arms are not disproportionately big. You lack muscle everywhere but your bodyfat is distributed very evenly. That is a good thing.

Almost every beginner is "arm dominant" when executing back exercises.

Learn to pull the bar in an ARC, like the pullover machine, when targeting the lats. Pull with your elbows. If you are having trouble doing that, try to "bend the bar" and tuck your elbows(rotate your elbows inwards) at the start. This will flex your lats. Maintain that flex as you pull.

Pull the bar towards your sternum for mid traps. Emphasize scapular retraction. Again, pull with your elbows.

And get stronger.


Even fat distribution how is it helpful or a good thing ?


Guys I was wondering that there must be some muscle since theres an old saying that goes like you can't flex fat ..I can flex so there must be some muscle and whne I touch my arms they are at most time firm and pumped feeling what do you think can be the explanation for that ?
Thank you


Of course you have muscle. How do you think you move your limbs? Girls have muscle. Not big muscles.


My intiql measurent were 14 inch now 15.5 inch with good firmness I am confused what have I gaines muscle or fat :cry:


Both. It is part of the game so don't worry about it.

That's good progress. Keep it up.


Both, probably


Damn, you beat me to it.


Thanks brothers in pain and gain