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Beginner Dosage

I am 79 years old. Prostate cancer survivor 10 years. My Dr. just prescribed Testerone Cypionate 0.3 3x a week. Is that to much to start with. I am a beginner. Thanks for any help. I want to start this Tues.


How many Mg per week is that?

Its nearly impossible to tell without bloodwork, especially seeing how everybody has such different levels on the same dose.

180 mgs a week maybe to high for just starting. I started at 100mgs a week and that put me 800’s for a T level. BUT everyone is different. I would consider a lower starting dose.

How does 0.3x3 = 180? Isn’t it 90mg a week?

Test cyp is typically 1 000mg/10 mL so 100mg in a 1mL/cc syringe. .3 means .30mL=30mg

30mg x 3 = 90mg a week so that is a reasonable start for his age. :slight_smile:

I assumed his .3 was what he was injecting, with the .3 being on the standard 3ml syringe. .3 cc on the 200mg test would be 60 mgs per injection. 60mgs per inecjtion at 3 times a week = 180mgs per week.

I just assumed and we all know what assuming did to me this time. OP didnt identify his .3 as mgs either.

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LMAO! Yeah, we really need the newbies to be specific with what they are using and the amounts. I assumed my example was the standard, I never even heard of 3ml syringes for test! LOL The above is what was given to me and everyone I know on TRT, in Canada. Typically 100mg a week though, so his 90mg I assume, is due to his age group.

I didnt meant to insinuate it was for Test, just a standard 3ml syringe. I only know half of what I talk about.

As for the starting dosage, the same is with me. My initial was 100mgs per week. I divided that into 2 shots per week.

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I’m on a total 120mg a week now, via 17mg a day SubQ, due to low SHBG of 13-15.

The bottle I have is 200mg.

LOL!!! So 180mg a week it is… :eyes::sweat_drops:

That’s really high for a typical TRT patient, close to a double dose. We need your blood work results. REALLY high SHBG may explain it.


The size of the needle is 1ml.

Being a newbie is hard. I don’t know the questions or language to use. I always hope the veterans will help me learn so my questions aren’t stupid

Questions are NOT stupid when concerning your health.

Your dosage seems very high for just beginning and your age. The needle should be 1in or smaller and 23g or bigger so that you are not getting post injection pain (PiP). I find that 25g needles make it awkward for my big hands to be steady with while injecting. The oil is thick and requires patience while trying to squeeze out a smaller diameter hole. Are you injecting into muscle or fat?

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We are just guessing without any labs including ranges, the conversion will be more productive. 180mg weekly is too much testosterone for the majority of men.

What type of doctor prescribed the t?



Maybe your doctor knows something we don’t. Maybe your numbers are extremely low with a high SHBG, so you’ll need to run total test higher. Are you thin, underweight? How is your bone density? E2 level?

Interesting that a urologist would go with a 3x/week schedule. Many guys use 150-200mg per week with various dosing protocols. Perhaps most. Does not mean it is always necessary, but it’s what they do. They feel good, and the labs are reasonable.

I’d give this a chance and see how I responded. You might ask your doctor what the rationale is behind these recommendations.

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Congrats, 10 years is not a small feat, hope God grants you more years. Whether 0.33x a week is too much or not, is all dependent on the units. Is it grams or milligrams?

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I think he was trying to state his volume, not his dose.

.33mg would do absolutely jack, even in a female.

.33g (which would be 330mg) would be approaching supraphysiologic levels, especially for a man that is 79 years young lol!

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