Beginner Diet Advice

been only been training since the start of the year having a lot of trouble bulking usualy drink three protien shakes a day and tree carb shakes and try to eat as much as pos in between on a good day i can eat 4 or 5 meals but i just dont have the time to do this every day i would really be greatfull 4 any ideas 4 sum quick and easy to make meals 4 bulking when i say quick i mean 10min max i really aint got much time to my self

What kind of workout routine are you doing?

Are you looking to gain weight for a certain sport?

Give us some more info and we will be able to help you out more.

But for some basic diet advice, try increasing your daily calorie intake by 200-500 calories.

I just bumped up my calorie intake from 2000-3000 a day to 4000-4200 and have gained 3 pounds in one week.

Maybe you need more healthy fats, sources of healthy fats can be found in natural peanut butter as well as fish oils.

My guess is you just aren’t eating enough calories.

For a quick meal tip get a can of tuna or chicken drain it, mix in some mayonnaise and pickle relish and you have tuna salad or chicken salad. I add pepper to mine to spice it up a bit.

It all just boils down to weather you are fueling your body with enough nutrients for it to grow and build muscle.