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Beginner Deca Cycle Question


I am 18 years old, probably around 17% bodyfat (just an estimate) and retain body fat primarily in my legs. I do not intend on doing steroids any time soon. I am just trying to learn. I did read all the newb threads about a year ago then focused mainly reading about training. I just finished the book chemical muscle enhancement by L. Rea (who ever that is) and he mentions a beginner cycle with, weeks 1-4 deca 200mg every 7th day.

He says that since the dosage is low and the cycle brief that there is no or little hpta shutdown and no ancilliaries are needed. Then a 5 week hiatus starting another 4 week cycle using primo depot 100mg on mondays and thursdays, also using anavar in an unclarified dosage. again he says now ancilliaries are necessary after this cycle.


If your goal is to become as big and strong as possible then start now, if not though then your on the right track prob should wait until your at least 21 and probably actually until your 25 as you can build a an excellent physique within 4 to 7 years of training naturally.

for the first cycle I would just go with some test and maybe some deca, I used sust250 at 250/w for 8 weeks my first cycle and it worked great


Yeah I read all stickies thats why I was kind of thrown off by this cycle it is very different from what ive normally seen.


It's extremely dated advice. At best.

I'd disregard it completely.


Thank you for the help bonez, when i do i'll do something more along the lines of what was listed in the newb threads


Well as a bit of practical advice, you likely wont be starting for a good 2-3 years. By that time the stickied threads may be dated as well. But maybe not.

Research never ends is what Im saying.


I've read studies that claim that as little as 100mg of deca will shut you down for 5-6 months.

Or you take deca together with testosterone or you simply don't.

I did my first cycle after 10 years of training and eating. Have some patience. Many youngsters think you'll get a Schwarzenegger body after half a year in the gym. Ain't gonna happen.


Believe me I don't plan on it, i was just wondering about that deca protocol becauase i've never seen a cycle like that before


I think the length of time varies from person to person you know