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Beginner: Deadlifts


I'm new to deadlifts, and have only done them for about a week now. I can't do that much, I'm only on 135x8-10 but I was wondering ...

I try really hard for perfect form since I'm afraid of injury and when I bring up the bar sometimes I scrape the skin on my shins, knees areas. Does that happen to anyone else here or am I doing it wrong?

Should one take a wide stance with their feet? Also where should one grip the bar? I've used the (dotty) point of the bar with alternate grips but I'm not too sure where to place my hands.



First off, read the articles entitled "Precision Pulling," "The Dead Zone," and "Deadlift Diagnosis" as they will help you with almost all of your questions.

If you are pulling into your shins, you will lose skin and bleed. I still have a scar from an unusually knarly bar used at a meet. Enjoy the pain of pulling heavy weights!

Stay strong


Also experiment with how much you can lift. When I first started I did 145 for 4x8, next time I decided to do 5x5. Started with 155 decided it was to easy and added 10 pounds. I kept feeling it wasn't enough and ended up at 200 for 5 the last set. I just hadn't been putting the effort into it when I was lifting 145.


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try more. I just havn't really "pushed" it to failure. I feel a high heart rate and generally that's when I stop. I'll follow your suggestion though and attempt a 5x5.

Thank you.