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Beginner D-Bol Cycle/PCT Advice


Hey, this is my first post, and I have already searched around quite a bit on this topic and haven't really found a lot of answers...I'm fixing to start a D-Bol only cycle...yes I know many will shun me for doing an oral only so please don't critisize, im looking for help...I already have it but won't even look at till I have some anti-E's...I know many use Clomid, Nolvadex but I would really just like to buy something legal at a local nutrition store than spend a while searching for some Nolva or Clomid...Would 6-OXO work, at all or even a little bit? Or any other legal supplement such as Legal Gear's Formadrol?...I know D-Bol's side affects are rather harsh, bloating, baldness, and gyno...could anyone make an educated guess on how bad the side affects would hit me (in particular, Gyno)I am wanting to start with about 15 mg daily and move up to 25 mg. I am 20, weigh 177, 6'1" , and only have about 1-2% body fat, and I am extremely healthy, i have been working out for about 2 years and have already had tremendous success with my routine...I have also read some articles on "DBol as a supplement" as taking only 15 mg daily and having a very low occurance of side affects like little water retention, no acne, and when coming off of the cycle, losing less gains than would if doing a 25-35 mg cycle...I have no idea how much of any of that is true..Any advice is appreciated, I really want to start building big...


First of all I'd like you to post a photo, 1-2% BF.... I don't believe you.

At 20 you're still, IMHO, too young to start AAS, 25 is better.

6'1" and 177. I would say you have another 20-25lbs to gain before starting AAS, should been done when your 25.

Why legal PCT when you're already have illegal AAS.

Overall your post doesn't sound like you've done so much research as you say. Maybe on other forums perhaps, how much reasearch on T-Nation have you done?

In the end you deside to use or not to use but with 2 years training you haven't learnt yet how your body respond to different programs/diets. You have a lot of natural gains left in you.

Good luck.


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Listen to the moose.

Dude on the real, if you are only 1-2%bf (bs check your caliper again) then just start eating. I know BB who have gone into competitions with more fat on them than that and done extremely well.
Age is as much of an issue to me since I am only a few years older than you. I do however have an issue with your training age. With only 2 years under your belt you know hardly anything about your true potential and how your body reacts to everything unless you have logged everything you have done to your self since you started.

Please save your self some money and don't do this cycle.
If you do go against our advise and do it please atleast take the advise you have received and get some nolva or clomid. You can find either/both of these on the net easier than you found your gear. That way atleast you wont lose all of your gains and screw yourself up too bad.
Lift and learn.


just skimmed this so i'm sure some others have already pointed out what i'll say:

  1. if you want gains that will probably be hard to hold on to, then do d-bol only. if not, stack with some test.

  2. get REAL anti-e's. bare minimums are, nolva during and clomid for PCT......why take the chance of getting unwanted sides because you used inferior products.

  3. at 6'1" & 177 you have a lot of room to grow naturally....especially when you say you have had great success with your routine.

  4. your bodyfat must have been a typo......

i'd suggest that you do a lot more research and take some time to consider what you might be getting yourself into before you just jump in head first. train natural for a while and make gains that way, you said yourself that your routine has produced results, why be impatient.


Alright bro, as I'm sure you can see, the consensus is to hold off on AAS. However, if you do decide to go down that path in the near future you should at least do it right. I see way too many 18-20 yr olds about your size dabble with AAS and have no clue about the science behind it.

With that being said, I believe a dianabol only first cycle can deliver very good results and maintainable as long as pct is in order. I would suggest 30mg dianabol/d for 4-6 weeks along with 10mg nolvadex/d. As soon as you're finished with the dianabol run clomid at 100mg/d for 3-4 weeks to insure recovery of endogenous testosterone.



Well, lets see if I can still be accurate without repeating everything previous replyers have said. Like someone said, D-bol only will be hard to keep your gains, but secondly, 15 mg's daily is so low that the benefits/downsides will really be disproportionate. of course you would probably have gains, but you will shut down your normal test production and the gains will be hardly worth the money or the cost to your body.

Someone else already said you are pretty young, and I agree. At twenty your body is still in its prime for anabolism... Sooo, my suggestion (and that of pretty much everyone else who has responded to your post) is wait a couple of years, learn more about training and AAS, and at least wait until the realm of being 23, 24, even better 25 before you decide to skyrocket your anabolic state :slightly_smiling: I find it pretty hard to believe that you are 2% BF, but a pic would be good to disprove us non-believers


Thanks for all your advice everyone, I appreciate it, I think i will hold off either till i can get some good PCT products or when im a little older...its just so damn hard to hold roids back when the results are so amazing...as for the disbelievers of my incredibly low BF percentage..sorry i dont own a digital camera but if i do get one, i wont hesitate to post pics...thanks again guys


i for one would like some proof, considering that the fat that surrounds the spinal cord, heart, and vital organs is called essential fat and is NECESSARY TO SUSTAIN LIFE. The lowest body fat percentage a person can have is their amount of essential fat. Essential fat is approximately 2-3% of total body weight for males. so if you are indeed 1-2% then you are not as healthy as you claim to be, you are on the verge of death.


I had a question to the reply for this guy to run Nolva during and clomid after. I was wondering why?


Nolvadex reportedly has a stronger affinity to the estrogen receptor than clomid does. Nolva is a better gyno preventative and clomid may be slightly better at LH recovery. therefore it was suggested that as a bare minimum, nolva during and clomid for pct. i personally prefer an aromatase inhibitor when using aromatizing gear, and BOTH clomid and nolva for pct.


hi there

how was your BF measured....did u use caliper, underwater weighing...or was it one of those super-dooper tanita scales :)))

1-2% BF you should be able to see not just the striations in your glutes but your butthole through the skin IMO.....something's not right here.

and yes, 1-2% is damn unhealthy if one was to get to that level....even during WW2 POW' would not get that low, as the first thing to go when body struggles with energy balance is muscle tissue.......fat cost nothing to maintain.
just a thought


So if one would take a none aromatase product like M1T. Then running nolva during would not be necessary and running clomid for PCT would be fine. What are your thoughts?


i've never used the product. here is a link to a thread about M1T.....


i would think clomid and Alpha Male would suffice for pct.....but get more opinions from bros that have used it.


Dude, just squat heavy and eat. There is another 30 to 40 pounds you can gain naturally.

I believe any man can work up to a 100lbs over his bodyweight on the bench and 200lbs on the squat without gear.

And if you havent learned to get to that state then your not ready to get the most out of your gear anyway.


Hey guys, looking for some much needed advice and figured this would be the place to come and get it from others with expierence. Im 27m 6'2 170lbs. Im a thin guy that can eat anything and barely gain any weight from it. Fast matabilism from what im told. I am currently taking NoXplode for that energy burst and a weight gainer to give me some extra calories. I workout atleast 3 days a week, sometimes 4-5 but looking for fast results. I have always considered taking steriods to gain my size but wasnt a fan of taking anything illegal and also not knowing much about it.

After doing some reading and talking with some other friends that have done some research about this topic also, I have been looking at d-bol. Like I said, I am looking to get fast results to bulk up and gain some kind of size. I am open for any suggestions or different products instead of d-bol also, I never said I was a bodybuilder so dont know much about this stuff. Im open for any kind of advice and wont be offended. Guess I just dont have that gene to be big naturaly..... Thanx again!


I was really hoping this thread was bumped as a joke. Oh well.

Post your diet. Detailed. List a typical workout day's worth of food with total calories and macronutrient breakdown.

Use dbol if you want. You'll enjoy it the 4-6 weeks youre on. Then you will lose every single pound you've gained and be no better off than you started becaue 4-6 weeks of dbol doesn't teach someone how to eat.

That's your problem. You think you eat enough to gain but obviously you dont. 6'2 170 is close anorexic looking. No steroid will help in the long run if you dont comprehend that food builds muscle and proper steroid use just accelerates the gains.

It is in your best interest to go to the beginners forum and politely ask for nutrition help.

Lifting 3 days a week is a joke. That means you spend more than half your days dicking around instead of smashing big weights. You SAY you want fast gains but you clearly don't have the drive to achieve that.

Again, post your diet. Post your workout also if you want.

And one final thought. Read the damned stickied threads.


Breakfast: 2-3 eggs, toast, oatmeal
Snack: 2 protein bars
Lunch: 15-20 large chicken tenders, mc n cheese, protein shake.
Snack: 3 peanut butter sandwhiches
Dinner: White rice, red meat, chicken tenders, protein shake

Bowflex, free weights. I don't squat. Last year I weight 150 im at 175 now
Without the use of steroids, just eating/working out.

I received a package from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals for dianabol 20 mgs. Im 5'11
175lbs. 22 yr. 4-5bf% I have been researching and researching for weeks now and still haven't found anything really usefull. I understand the side effects and stuff but I need to know how I should take this supplement and what test should I use with it and also, when should. I not take the dbol