Beginner Cycle

[quote]facko wrote:
I get you…but i dont remember making a post saying i was using. I do remember asking…specifically this post. I obviously do listen to you guys because i havent used them and i know i could easily get them.

I wont use them…im making gains right now eating big and lifting…and right now im cutting up and the only things ive ever really used is whey protein and creatine for a short time. I did get ephedrine from a friend but i believe its fake so i cant count that.[/quote]

Now thats more like it.


What exactly is “deca dick”? I’m guessing it’s nothing good.

[quote]combatmedic wrote:
Among your posts, you conflict yourself. Some say you are already using aas, some say you are researching and some you say you are only 17 and know it is bad for you now. Clearly, you are feeding your posts with statements that you think will get you the answers you want to hear. The general feel on this sight is that ignorance is tolerated, as one must put up with an annoying kid brother, because we were all ignorant and you are here to learn. Lying and manipulation, however, is not tolerated, and you wonder why people think that you are a troll.

So what is safe aas use? Are you under a physician’s supervision? If so, does your physician even know what he is talking about when it comes to steroids (most don’t)? Are you 100% certain that the gear you are taking is exactly what it is claimed to be (what do you mean, people would try to sell me fake gear?) Are you certain that you have no predetermined adverse reactions to this substance? Using your marijuana example, a relatively safe drug, people have allergic or asthmatic reactions to it, and despite what NORML will tell you, people do die from pot.

You seem pretty determined to use (or continue) using aas, despite what knowledgable people tell you. You seem to discard wise answers and only pay attention to the ones that suit your desires. With the direction you are coming from, I doubt moderation is something you have in mind.

To some it up, are aas safe when used correctly? No, there will always be risks with any substance, even when all the precautions are there. Safer, yes. Are you even close to being in the position to use them correctly?[/quote]

Honestly, is this fucking days of our lives. Why so much drama, this is testostrone nation not estrogen nation. Lighten up, its not your job to cleverly piece together this kids posts in order to put together a perfect case to blast on him. Just answer his question and give him some damn advice. If not, shut up.

To the one posting, if you’ve put on at least 50 lbs naturally at your current height, hace a viable explanation for needing to use steroids and your man enough to own up to the possible consequences then go for it bro. i myself am only 19 and am considering and have considered steroids. 1. ive gone from 140 to 205 at 6’1’', moving down in position from safety to d-end in college next year and 3. i know the dangers. If i decide to juice i dont care about anyone elses perspective on it is.

I hope this viewpoint kinda helps you out, good luck.