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Beginner Cycle


Anyone wanna analyze this:

week 1: 20mg/day dianabol, 200mg/week deca-durabolin

week 2: 20mg/day dianabol, 400mg/week deca-durabolin

week 3: 30mg/day dianabol, 400mg/week deca-durabolin

week 4: 40mg/day dianabol, 400mg/week deca-durabolin

week 5: 40mg/day dianabol, 400mg/week deca-durabolin

week 6: 30mg/day dianabol, 200mg/week deca-durabolin

week 7: 2 tabs/day clomid

week 8: 1 tab/day clomid


you mention in another thread that you are only 17... i would say get some more experiance with training and diet and growing before you dable with roids.

Also there is a steroid for newbie's thread or something like that, it covers alot of the basics.


thia is not a good cycle.....

back to the drawing board



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is it just me or does anyone else thing that this cycle without test will lead to deca dick?


I know plenty of kids on football and wrestling that are my age(17) that cycle with no bad effects...Im gonna pct anyway so i dont see the huge danger..


I would run the decca with test e.................if you must.I don't think anabolics at your age is a good idea.



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  • no test!? good luck avoiding deca-dick.
  • don't pyramid your doses, stay consistent throughout
  • your PCT timing is totally wrong, as bushy mentioned before, IMO at least 3 weeks after your last deca shot, preferably 4 weeks
  • again, no test!???? better rethink this and get some Test E or Cyp to add in.

restructure your currently shitty cycle into something similar to this:

week 1-8: 500 mg Test E, 400 mg Deca
week 1-4: 25 mg D-bol ED
week 9: 500 mg test E
weeks 10-12: 100 mg Prop EOD
week 13: Start PCT

  • actually, a test only cycle would be way better considering this is your first foray into AAS. 500 mg/week for 8 weeks is the standard and is highly effective.

  • BUT of course, seeing as you are supposedly 17......wake the fuck up and train natural. you are too young to do AAS, and could potentially mess yourself up.

no one can tell you what to do...you'll decide on your own. but you are just some punk kid with the same punk kid friends who all don't know a damn thing. read more, learn more, research, listen to the advice people give you and wait till you are totally ready.


Smart dude.
who da fuck is takin shit at 17 when u can naturally gain shitloads of mass by just looking at weights.


Bro your way too young. Dont do something stupid. And tell your friends to do some proper research.

I swear Dbol is the newbie AAS of choice!!!


I'm brand-new to this site, but listen to all of these guys - they are all 100% correct about how bad it can hurt you to use at your age. I have a degree in biochemistry, and trust me, you don't want to risk the problems that AAS at such a young age can present. The main reason guys over age 25 use AAS is because their bodies don't produce as much test as they need to function at full capacity. You are at the age where your body is producing test at its peak rate. Do your homework, get on a good mass-building diet, get your rest, and lift heavy weights. At your age, that's all you need.


Well im just lost a little....Like i dunno what to believe, im starting to lean more towards steroids being another kind of marijuana issue. By that i mean..the media protrays it as horrible for you...when used correctly, it cant hurt. But i dont know what to believe...is that the case or can steroids seriously hurt you even when you use them correctly?


Among your posts, you conflict yourself. Some say you are already using aas, some say you are researching and some you say you are only 17 and know it is bad for you now. Clearly, you are feeding your posts with statements that you think will get you the answers you want to hear. The general feel on this sight is that ignorance is tolerated, as one must put up with an annoying kid brother, because we were all ignorant and you are here to learn. Lying and manipulation, however, is not tolerated, and you wonder why people think that you are a troll.

So what is safe aas use? Are you under a physician's supervision? If so, does your physician even know what he is talking about when it comes to steroids (most don't)? Are you 100% certain that the gear you are taking is exactly what it is claimed to be (what do you mean, people would try to sell me fake gear?) Are you certain that you have no predetermined adverse reactions to this substance? Using your marijuana example, a relatively safe drug, people have allergic or asthmatic reactions to it, and despite what NORML will tell you, people do die from pot.

You seem pretty determined to use (or continue) using aas, despite what knowledgable people tell you. You seem to discard wise answers and only pay attention to the ones that suit your desires. With the direction you are coming from, I doubt moderation is something you have in mind.

To some it up, are aas safe when used correctly? No, there will always be risks with any substance, even when all the precautions are there. Safer, yes. Are you even close to being in the position to use them correctly?


Go ahead and do it. Take in three times as much. Don't cycle off of it. Ever. You are a 17 year old troll that doesn't listen to any advice because you know it all already. You already missing a few marbles anyways. Go ahead and seriously affect your hormones for the rest of your life.


I get you...but i dont remember making a post saying i was using. I do remember asking...specifically this post. I obviously do listen to you guys because i havent used them and i know i could easily get them. I wont use them...im making gains right now eating big and lifting..and right now im cutting up and the only things ive ever really used is whey protein and creatine for a short time. I did get ephedrine from a friend but i believe its fake so i cant count that.