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Beginner Cycle. Tren E and Test Prop

Need help in creating a beginner cycle/program using Test Prop and Tren E. thanks

Beginner cycle and tren don’t belong in the same category my friend. Maybe look into the pharma section about cycles. Do yourself a huge favor and do more research.


Op how much lifting experience do you have under your belt?

I have fairly good understanding of lifting, been training on and off since I was 16. Been on power lifting teams when I was younger. I’m now 37 and rocking the dad bod lol looking at getting back in the gym and on routine.

Thanks, I’ve been doing some research and I’m going to take everyone word for it and stay clear of Tren for my first cycle.

Oh my God, “I have a dad bod and I want to get it fixed so I’ll take steroids” what the fuck. Do some work if you want to change your body, what’s up with this mentality.


Sam, I’m looking for advice, I lift and train. Don’t be a dick. I don’t know who you are and you don’t know me. Cheers

I am not trying to be a dick. This is a discussion board and anyone’s allowed to state their opinion freely.

I’m genuinely annoyed by mindsets like yours. To me, getting back into lifting and immediately asking for advice on steroids is totally looking for a shortcut. If you lift for 21 years straight (not on and off mind you) you will have an impressive physique almost regardless of everything else. I’m just saying.

Of course, you are completely free to take steroids, but so am I to express my annoyance caused by such cheater’s mentality. And just to clarify, mine is not an absolute statement. Taking steroids isn’t always cheating but in my opinion, taking them in your situation is.



I agree with @samul 100%. If you’re 37 and rocking a “Dad bod”, you clearly do not have the mental discipline to maintain a training or diet to keep a physique you’re happy with, steroids aren’t gonna help you much. You could easily train and diet consistently and have a fantastic beach body within a year or less.


I agree with you guys I’m going to diet and train harder before I jump into the sauce. Cheers


Thanks for the motivation!!

That’s not a dad bod.

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I agree with Iron, not a dad bod per say. You have a solid history and muscle base to work from. I also agree with Samul that you shouldn’t turn to AAS too soon. How long have you had a steady presence at the gym for as of late?

I’ve haven’t trained for the last few months due to a knee injury. Just getting back on track. Wasn’t planning on steroids right away but in the near future. I want to get back on a routine and steady diet before jumping in. I’m 5’8” and currently 218lbs, I consider myself a dad bod lol.

What iron said that not a dad bod at all. You clearly have had a presence in someone’s gym thru a good portion of your life if your 37 and look like that… I say go for it bro! Make sure your diets in check and you have the time to commit to the gym. Get your AI and PCT with your gear from the beginning and have fun! You should be able to accomplish everything you want from a test only 12 week cycle

That’s a lot of weight at 5’8" so I’m assuming you can shed a good 20lbs min. I’m same age as you and about the same height. Been lifting since I was 16 as well. We are getting older but clearly not old yet or ‘past our prime’. You can do it man. Get a least a solid year of training back under your belt before you look to AAS.

Whats is your history with anabolics? Do you have an prior cycles under your belt?

Definitely need to lose 20lbs lol. I never cycled before so it’s all new to me. I’m going to giver shit for the next few months in the gym and shed some weight before starting anything.

Ok so if you’ve never cycled before definitely throw the Tren E away. Seriously just toss it. Tren is not for beginners and certainly not with a long ester. If you were going to run Tren you would want A so it would clear your system faster if sides arose. Still, that’s prob not a good route either.

You would likely get great results from a test only cycle. I personally don’t mind an oral thrown in there for (4) weeks either with my fave being dbol.

After doing research on Tren I’m going to definitely stay away from it and looking at a maybe just a straight cycle of test. Like I said I’m new to this so looking for advice. I appreciate everyone’s comments and suggestions. Thank you