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Beginner Cycle: Test & Tren


5,8ish 153Lbs, Low % of fat.
wanna gain 7 lbs on muscle

5 Weeks Cycle
1. 250mg x 2 per week
2. 25omg x 2 per week
3. 250mg x 2 per week
4. 250mg x 2 per week
5. 250mg x 2 per week
2500 mg

1. 150mg x 2 per week
2. 150mg x 2 per week
3. 150mg x 2 per week
4. 150mg x 2 per week
5. 150mg x 2 per week

wait for 2 weeks for a pct

do you think it's a good cycle for a Beginner?
update latter about the work-out


No, this is a terrible cycle for a beginner and you are not ready for juice.

you are small enough that you should make gains by simply eating well and lifting hard (do compound movements with heavy weight). If you gear it up now you are going to make shit gains because you don't know what you are doing. besides that what are you going to do after you have maxed your gains from gear and are still less than 170lbs. you should have a look at the Physique Clinic and see what it takes to put weight on a skinny guy.

if you are set on doing gear do more reseach and post a new plan. Read the newby thread at the top of the forum.



you need to eat not to juice.
Other than that the cycle you posted is not good for a beginner.


Never start out with tren. Wait till you have more experience to use it.

Bump what cadav said too. Your too light to be using steroids. A good diet will help you put 7 lbs of lean muscle.


There's not even any mentions of what esters you're using.


Its not mentioned because his next question will be "Whats an ester?"


rofl... god... i was thinking of tren for my second cycle, But decided against it. Even i'm scared of that shit, at least for now.


If you ever try it start with a low dose like 37. 5 mg of ace EOD or 150-100mg of enanth EW. I've talked to guys that get spectacular results with these doses. Unfortunately people on the boards go nuts with tren doses. Keep in mind its 4x as androgenic as test.


[quote]BobbyJoe wrote:
5,8ish 153Lbs, Low % of fat.
wanna gain 7 lbs on muscle

Dont take a shit for two days! Are you serious?


Listen man, I literally just made this account to reply to you. I see this post is old and hopefully you are still not using any AAS, you need to wait at least a couple years from where you are now. Tren is something you shouldn’t even start to consider until you are at least at an Intermediate level when it comes to AAS use. It is absolutely nothing to fuck around with it requires extensive knowledge and a mass amount of respect. Tren will make you or destroy you and the knowledge and understanding and respect is the only thing that will give you a shot at coming out on top. I had a good friend end up doing 8 years in prison for a terrible decision made from jumping into tren like your talking about doing. The results can be incredible but the mental and physical side effects can be devastating if your not fully prepared.


It’s been 8 years since he posted this question. And you decided to make an account just to respond to this?

You’re a special person.


kkkkk… 8 fu¨&* years OMG! He’s already dead by now… doing some 37,5mg ace EOD (holy shit!)… I really don’t know what’s happening with this forum… AWESOME!