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Beginner Cycle, Test E 500mg/Wk. 1 Injection or 2?

Hello, first time poster but a longtime reader.

So I’ve come to the edge where I feel I’m ready for my first aas cycle. I’ve done tons of research for approx 10 months on sides, ai, pct, diet and more.

I will follow the advice given by the most experienced guys around by starting off with a 12 weeks test e 500mg/week cycle.
My test e is 250mg/ml.

So my question to you is:

  • Is it fine to make 1 injection per week by using 2ml or is it better to split it into 2 injections per week?

What’s the difference between it?

Couldn’t find any good answers on this, so taking my chances here!



Split it into twice a week to keep your levels most stable. If you’re apprehensive to the needle part, it gets much easier.

Hate to say it but if you say you’ve done 10 months research and couldn’t find this answer I don’t believe u researched at all


And I hate to see replies like yours bud. I mean if you’re not going to answer my question then don’t mind typing at all. I don’t give a damn if you take me for a liar, I didn’t come here to be judged. I came here for answers so if you don’t have any for me and gonna keep posting unnecessary comments you can get out.

It is fine to do 1, but not optimal. The reason is that you will get bigger spikes of testosterone with once a week. That bigger spike will cause more total estrogen conversion than 2 smaller doses.

In the TRT world many need AI with less frequent dosing, but don’t need an AI with more frequent dosing.

Gotta be honest, I thought the same thing. Ten months?

This is just stoopid. What are you gonna do, throw him out?

Just move on but realize, you look like a dick. Ten months research, one or two shots, wtf?

Yeah, but by definition the concept of judgment by others is not something you can control.

Anyway, two shots is better. Here’s a graph of the respective releases of one shot a week vs two:

You can see that one 500mg shot gives you an appreciable boost vs 250, but because it lasts such a short time it doesn’t do you any good. Doctors usually do TRT at one shot a week, mostly because it’s easier for them to get patients on board with one injection instead of two, but they know damn well that it’s not optimal.

Thanks for the awesome answer, that graph was exactly what I needed. Cheers!