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Beginner Cycle, Newbie

Hey guys I’m new to all this so please dont kill me.
Wondering what would be a good first cycle.

Stats: 20y.o // 5"10 // 180 // bf unknown (skinny with gut) p.s I know I’m starting early but at 20 were hard headed.

Goals : add as much lean muscle as possible while losing the gut.

A friend suggested:
Test c 1-12 500mg/w
Var. 6-12 50mg ED
Adex. 1-12 1mg EOD

Thoughts ?

20, skinny, gut… Sounds like you need a good diet and a good training plan way before you even think about using gear.


Definitely been working on it. But I started late now my friends are all jacked and I need to catch up and realistically don’t wanna wait 2years to be good size just want a kick start is all… “said everyone who was gonna juice” lol

If you won’t take the “building up a good base” route, then I’d recommend the 12 week test only cycle. Start off at 125 mg for the first 3 weeks every week. Then for the next 3 weeks, up the dose to 250 mg every week. And for the final 3 weeks, up the dose to 500 mg every week. You need to build up to the dose rather than just jumping on it. If you want to use ancillaries, use .5 mg of anastrozole (arimidex) every other day. Are you worried about testicle shrinkage?

Thank you for the advice. And also I’ve heard with proper pct it comes back to normal. Not sure what pct to do though.

Sure, but HCG is a great addition to any cycle. It’ll help assure your boys’ safety. A good PCT for that cycle would be clomiphene for 50 mg every day for 4 weeks. I don’t think you’ll need to worry about tamoxifen with such a cycle.

Awesome I’m gonna look into it thanks. Would you guys recommend just test prop like 400mg/week and hcg as Well as adex

Test prop 400mg/week + tbol 40 - 50 mg a day for 8 weeks, if you want to loose some fat while bulking do 30 min of cardio 1-2 a week after your workout.

I would recommend for you to build up to the 500 mg dose, like I previously stated, but the 400mg test. prop. is still an okay first cycle.