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Beginner Cycle for a Female?


For almost a year now I have been teetering with the idea of using AAS. Was contemplating a cycle of Anavar/Clen. I've done some research. I am looking to get some nice gains, but not have the intense androgenic effects of some other steroids. I understand some sides will most likely happen, I am not too concerned because I really want to physically be where I see myself.

I train 5-6 days a week (Power & Olympic lifting with some CrossFit WODS) My diet is pretty clean (I try to stray along the path of the paleo diet). I am 21 years old & have been training consistently for 4 years. I'm just having trouble getting as muscular as I would like. My body fat is %20. I am 5'1" & weigh 124lbs. Would the anavar/clen be a good idea? I would honestly just like to hear some feed back/suggestions/advice. I appreciate it. Thank you.


I would start with just the var and see how it goes. 10mg ED is the normal dosage for females and I have seen it ran for as long as 16 weeks by knowledgeable females.

Example cycle i have seen a few females run:
W 1 10mg anavar ED (make sure you don't respond terribly to it)
W 2-10 20mg anavar ED

Most people recommend not going over 25mg but I have seen 50mg (I would not go over 25mg for a first cycle, instead increase duration if you like) be considered the max for females(by experienced females). Few notes are to run at least 8 weeks and go by how you feel/maybe get blood work done midway.

Crossfit is great for getting a girl into shape but if putting on muscle is the goal it may be worth it to run a hypertrophy based program for a while(especially if you have been doing the same thing for very long). I recommend the powerful women section; you have the drive, you just need to know which way to go.


Cycle a few females I know have ran and loved one may chime in later if comfortable...

50mg Eq a week for 16 weeks.
20mg Anavar daily for 8 weeks.

Legitimately even know a female very very very very well who adds Tren Ace for last 6 weeks at 30mg. I'll get flamed for this and plenty are going to call me a idiot, bro science, dont know what I'm talking about but, I have seen first hand this ran with close to 0 sides by more than a handful of women one of which I see daily and help weekly with the injections so I know she is not full of shit and she is hot and very much still a woman.


Thank you both for the advice. I most likely will start with just the var and see how it runs. I'm a bit weary of EQ but maybe if I speak to a female that has run it before, I can get some better insight on if it would be a good idea in the future. The Tren-Ace, that I'm extremely weary of haha I know it has excellent results for dudes, but the androgen effects are what freak me out.

Again, I'd love to hear what a female has to say about that, that has run it of course. My voice is raspy as is, it getting deeper would be frightening lol. Also, getting some of these things will pose a problem for me. My sources are limited.


Will see if I can get her to post up some stuff in a bit later today


Very interested in this topic so more people should chime in!!


I will be starting my cycle in the next week or so of just Var. Just to see how my body handles it and to test the waters. I am really excited and can't wait to see the results. Im considering doing a 12 week cycle.


Good luck homie hope you like it.


Would you mind posting throughout your cycle?


@Reed, thank you!!

@BUDs, not at all. I will gladly post


Thank you, good luck!


2 months later and I finally got Var. I wanted to make sure it was legit and it took a bit to get. I will begin my log this week, as I will be starting it tomorrow.


Cool! Good luck