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Beginner Cycle Advice


Hey all – new to being a member but not new to the site. I would love some advice, especially from you VETS that I see dropping all that solid knowledge. Please go easy on me – I am right out of the gates with gear.

I am currently 38 years old looking to start my first cycle to up my game. I don’t have the drive, focus, or strength I had in my early 20’s (go figure) I am 5 foot 8 inches and 175
pounds 10-12% body fat.
I have been hitting the gym for 20+ years with a good foundation, my time in the gym is 4-5 times per week filled with custom routines that are tried tested and true. I have my diet locked in, my sleep is as good as it gets for a shift worker, and I feel ready after all these years to start a cycle…its time.

Pickings are slim where I am from but I have been able to obtain the following.

Test Blend (deutsche science brand) which contains 150mg enanthate, 150mg cypionate, and 100mg decanoate per ML. So, that’s 400mg/ml.

Nandrolone Decanoate (deutsche science brand) which comes 250mg/ml.

PCT – I have Clomid and Nolvadex.

My plan for the aforementioned was to use the following cycle:

Week 1-12 = 400mg Test “Blend” and 250mg Deca/week

Week 13-15 = take nothing

Week 16-17 = 100mg Clomid and 40mg Nolvadex /day

Week 18-19 = 50mg Clomid and 20mg Nolvadex /day

My concerns are that I have not come across a “blend” in all my research. Also, form what I have read my PCT might be overkill. A few bro’s at my gym are saying I am jumping in too slow, other say this is a good start, and of course some say it’s too little. I suppose my main issue is over-saturation of information. I figured I better turn this over to you guys for some help.

Thanks in advance.


You haven’t done much research if you haven’t come across a blend of esters. That’s really, really common, and it makes me think you need to do a whole lot more reading if you haven’t even come across this. Sustanon is the most common blend. You could pin the blend you’re talking about once a week, but twice is probably better.

Your PCT is awful. Just do Nolva, at 20mg/day. More is not better, it’s actually worse. Read the threads dedicate to PCT on this site from start to finish to get a better hold on this. Also, taper nolva dose down at the end of PCT.

Don’t use Deca in your first cycle. This is the worst part of your cycle. I wouldn’t consider using Deca unless I was planning on going on TRT for life. It can be so problematic in terms of side effects, particularly sexual ones. Testosterone only is a great cycle. My favorite cycle is testosterone only, run at 1g/week. No need to complicate things unnecessarily.

My recommendation would be to pin 600mg Test per week, no deca, and do PCT as I outlined.


The 400mg blend is going to give you some serious post injection pain (PIP) due to the concentration, Be prepared for that. You dont need deca right now. You will see much improvement from the blend. You are aware ( I hope) that its 1 ml = 400 mg. If you pin 1 ml 2 x week then thats 800mg / week. Just know your numbers.

Like I tell everybody, heat your vials first, take a hot shower while warming your vials, and massage the injection site vigorously afterward to spread the oil around to reduce PIP.

Also, make sure you have at least 4 injection sites (both quads and both glutes) for rotations. I would inject every wed and sunday or something similar. This keeps your levels from having peaks and valleys.

Also, like flipcollar said, just do Nolva at 20 mg ED. Should keep your gyno in check.

Finally, be prepared to realize how shitty you really felt after you begin to feel the way you should have with proper Test levels.

Good luck


Thanks flipcollar -
I can see from your previous advice in many other posts you know what you`re talking about. The more reading I do, and the more I hear from experts like you, the more I am realizing I might not be as prepared as I thought…even after all this time!

Admittedly I am confused still about the PCT. Not sure if you`re saying to start the PCT in week 1 at 20mg ED or after week 12.

Sorry about all the questions…like I said, the more I read the more I realize I might be a complete fool in this topic.

thanks again for responding - HUGE help.


Thanks studhammer.

I saw you give similar advice in MANY other posts, sorry to make you repeat it once more, I should have known after reading it so many times before.

I will take your advice seriously, and be prepared for the PIP (if you can be prepared) I fully intend to use the 4 injections sites mentioned and have done a ton of research on those already. As I was mentioning to flipcollar I am still a little confused about the PCT (as whether to start in week one or wait until end of TEST) again, as mentioned, probably a sign I need to do a hell of a lot more research so I will hold off on my first pin until I take in some more of these posts.

You seem to come across as having much experience - I can`t thank you guys enough.


No worries brother. Doctors aren’t going to help you.

I’ve been on TRT for about 10 years. Started with compounded creams then bio-identical creams then shots given by a dr then self administered shots. Nobody wanted to get me above “normal”. I finally took matters into my own hands and went UGL. Haven’t felt better in my whole life. I’m currently running a gram of Test 300. It gives me slot of pip but it’s bearable now.

It sounds like ur gonna have to cruise for life. Take ur nolva EOD for now and see how tender ur nips feel. Go every day if u need to.

This is a great website but there are others focused on AAS with great reliable domestic sources. Gotta do ur homework though. Don’t forget ur pins. I use 3cc 23 gauge with 1.5 “” needle.

Good luck


this isn’t necessarily true. The T400 I’ve used has been buttery smooth. PIP is more to do with the solvents used than the concentration (unless of course your gear crashes but that’s a whole other thing).


So for me, PIP is defined as swelling and even lumps about 3-43 days post injection. I have been using the same source for a while now and I did not experience the PIP until i went to Test 300. But to Yogi’s point, I have always heard that high BA content is to blame for PIP.


sorry for the confusion. The nolva should be 20mg ED weeks 16-19. I would also taper dose for another week or 2 after that. So you could reduce it to 10mg ED after that for a week, and even lower if you can.


Pins are all stocked and ready to go, thanks for the reminder though studhammer.
I will be using 3cc as well. I have 18g blunt tip for drawing up and sadly only 25g 1-1/2" for injection. Can’t get the 22 or 23g here, but after much looking in to this the verdict seems to be that the 25g will be fine…just a little harder to inject.


Hey Yogi, thanks for posting.
I have heard it go both way on other forums and will just have to wait and see I guess. I have come across a lot of reading on gear-crash as well, hoping to avoid that to say the very least.


the 25g is better. that’s what I use.


@studhammer - I have heard conflicting stories about BA being the culprit for PIP entirely. I’ll take your advice seriously that it’s a factor, however, from what I am seeing, hormone crystallization has many factors. The BA in the gear I have is 5% and the BB is 9%.

@flipcollar - no apology needed man, you’re the one helping me, so thanks. I have about 50 x 25mg tabs of Nolva so I will apply some math to break it up accordingly. I also have a boat load of clomid that I am not too sure what to do with now. can it be used in this cycle or saved for another time? Also, a buddy of mine has given me some triptorelin as well. Still need to research that properly. Any advice on that? The vial he gave me just contains powder, written on it says 98% purity and for research purposes only. I am still waiting on the mg dosage of that.

thanks again guys, another HUGE help and all points I am using to put together the bigger picture.


a few things.

First off, I’ve heard of people using triptorelin as a pct drug, but I’ve never seen evidence that it actually works effectively. I wouldn’t advise using it.

Secondly, you only want to use clomid OR nolva. not both. Nolva is preferred. You could use clomid next time if you want to, or do nothing with it. clomid definitely does work.

If you have 25 mg tabs, I would do 1 tab every day for 4 weeks, then 1 more week at half a tab per day. That should do the job.