Beginner Cycle? 20 Years Old, 5'7", 138 Pounds

Hi ive been lifting for about 2.5 years since i gotbout of high school and i have gone from 108lbs 5 foot 6 to 138 pounds at 5 foot seven now. My lifts are squat: 275 bench:185 deadlift:315
I was going to start a cycle of test enanthalate for 12 weeks at 500mg weekly. Do you think this is sage for my stats? Is this too much? Am i stupid for wanting to try this?



I cant comment because i have no clue at what weight do people your height look big. I I can only compare to my gf, who is an inch taller and her bulk weight is 155-160lbs on average and she was around 170-175 when on low dose on Stanazolol.
So i could guess that i would like a MAN to be at least at the simmilar weight of an athletic woman. So… If im correct, i think it is doable for you to get to 170-180 natural, especially at your age, and THEN we could discuss drugs.
Otherwise you will be the guy who blasts tests but is smaller than average gym babe.

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Another 20lbs and you’re there IF you’re also very lean.

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Then i guessed it about right.

Your lifts are doing okay but you need to actually eat. AAS shouldn’t even be in the question until you’re 10 year into the game, and that is the safest way to do something that isn’t safe.

Because you’re asking if you’re ready - you aren’t ready. You need to get more time under your belt and understand what your own bodies’ nutritional needs are.

Your lifts are pretty good. Your total is 775lbs.

To give you some perspective, our powerlifting team had a 132lb lifter who was a dependable 1,150lb total every meet (no support gear). I am almost certain he took no AAS’s. And my ex-wife who lifted in the 123lb class had a total of 711lbs in the one meet she competed. (Their squats were “3 white light” depth and their bench press stopped on their chest.)

IMO, get closer to 1,000lb total


That must have been an elite total back in the day? I agree though, I think OP could reasonably get stronger and bigger before AAS use.

Yeah being a dumbass
-You came to the right place though …just use the info on this site and run through proven programs and at your age you can progress rapidly.
Training: start with this…

or this…

Diet: High protein and eat like a pig/weekly junk food session until you hit say 150, then evaluate

Read 10 Dan John articles also


Our 132lb lifter was a sure first place toward the team trophy every time.

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No, it’s not wise. you may be too young and have plenty of growing to do without supplements.

No. If it were me it’s too short. also if you don’t plan to cruise there is no point, you will lose it all once you come off.

No. You see what you think it’s done for others and you want the same for yourself.

It may not be time yet. Eat and train PROPERLY for another five years, then revisit the topic.


So you’re around 20 years old? Have you got any lab work done to check your test levels?

Judging by your height/weight and lifts which aren’t bad for your stats, the only ass you need is steak and potatoes. Your lifts are going up and you’re still fucking growing (from 5’6 to 5’7).

If you take AAS now you will fuck up your natural production that will serve you well for many years to come just for some very temporary short term gains that will be gone in a month after your last pin.

The polite term is “rump roast”

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I do, cuz I’m about that. So a extremely lean 165-170 looks good. At 185 and athletic BF you look good too. Anything close to 200 and staying around 15% BF looks pretty big. Thats where I stand half the year and get comments a lot (i’m 205 in my avatar ~15%BF)


I think Arnold said on a muscular physique that each inch of height required 7 lbs of weight at the same leanness to achieve similar muscularity.

This lines up well with the IFBB classic physique weight limit table.

It appears that lower heights get less weight bump per inch.

I only need to lose 30 lbs of fat and put on 25 lbs of muscle to max out my weight class and be stage lean. Maybe next year lol.

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Interesting. I am not too far from maxing out and i couldn’t compete… I think i could only gain 10-12lbs more and id max out the lean 247.

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Well you and I don’t have those awesome muscle bellies that the guys who do well have. You and I certainly “could” compete, it would just be embarrassing.

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I’m jelly of those bellies myself.

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