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Beginner Clean & Jerk Form Advice

It’s weak and ugly. I know.

Where should I go from here?

Also, I happen to be better at power cleans. I can power clean my front squat max (98 kg) but I can only classic clean & jerk around 85kg

Since I can basically clean pull my front squat max up to chest-level, I feel like I should focus all my attention on increasing my front squat 10 or 15 kilos. I also have an extremely weak jerk, which seems to be my limiting factor.

Note: My gym strictly forbids any olympic lifting. I hide in the corner and do my cleans when the fitness attendants’ backs are turned. There is no chance in hell I could snatch in this gym. I could manage to clean and jerk a few times a week though

I don’t know where you are in Georgia, but you need to find a coach. I know of a few that are located there, a really good one in Savannah. Look up USAW (weightlifting) and find a LWC near you. If you don’t find one, call a few and see if someone had a gym near you.