Beginner Cardio (Rowing)

So ive started eating healthy and exercising daily, currently dropping from 116kg to 90, ive started rowing as I bought a crabe rower off Gumtree, however after buying it I reliesed it doesnt measure metres rowed just does time and strokes etc

So the question is how would you convert strokes rowed to metres rowed would there be a way

I don’t think you could calculate distance knowing strokes and time alone. There are too many variables to know how many meters each stroke is covering. You would have to know how hard and how long each stroke is-- as well as other crap, like the size of the wheel/gear you’re pulling on. That sucks there is not a distance option on the rower.

Congratulations on the weight lose man.

Oh ok, yea cheers bud maybe I need to upgrade on my rower hahe.